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The blinds and windows of your home can become dirty over time through no fault of your own, which is why Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair offers a cleaning service to return your property back to pristine condition. A cleaner home environment means that you and your family can continue to live a healthy, fulfilling life. We work to provide you with a thorough cleaning at a price you can afford.

You deserve to live and enjoy a clean, tidy living space, so rely on Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair, cleaning service to supply you with a solution to these problems. Call us today to schedule your appointment and to tell us how we can best use our services to aid you. Ultrasonic cleaning helps keep your blinds clean by removing static electricity so they will not attract dust and other particles as quickly.

Ultimate Blind Cleaning offers a full selections of any style of window covering you might want. Don't take the time out of your busy schedule to clean the windows within your home or office, call Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair today!

read more › Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair uses ultrasonic cleaning method to clean most window shades. All cleaning is done in our shop. Blinds are taken down by us in the morning and returned an reinstalled in the afternoon of the same day. Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair can keep your blinds while painting or windows are being changed then reinstalled when work is completed. While blinds are being cleaned all repairs can be done at the same time.

read more › The dust, pet dander, and dangerous germs that settle on your blinds can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family. But cleaning your blinds is of the most tedious housecleaning tasks you'll ever face. That's where we come in. Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair in Santa Barbara, CA makes blind cleaning quick, easy and stress-free. At Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair, we take the frustration and headaches out of cleaning your blinds. Our cleaning team specializes in restoring your blinds' original beauty while removing the dirt, allergens and unhealthy germs that have settled on them over time.

read more › At Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair, we go out of our way to provide great service. Whether you're a first-time customer or a repeat customer, when you call on us, you'll get thorough, reliable repairs that last. Most repairs will be completed in 24 to 48 hours. If special order repair parts are required, we suggest you keep your blind on the window until we receive the parts and can then make the necessary repair. We have a large inventory of parts and are able to repair many blinds up to 20 years old, depending on the brand.

read more › At Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair, we know that the proper Santa Barbara, CA, window treatment within your home can mean the difference between a home that your guests remember and one that they overlook. Our high-quality, punctual employees will visit your home and take the time to understand your individual style preferences. Then, we'll work within your budget to provide the treatments you want, whether you want them every week or every month. At Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair, we'll provide you with personalized window treatment services and quality products that you can enjoy for years to come.

read more › Don't take the time out of your busy schedule to clean the windows within your home or office when a reliable window cleaner at Ultimate Blind Cleaning & Repair can complete the work for you quickly and efficiently. Whether you have only a few windows to be cleaned or you have an entire building's worth of dirty windows, our staff has the tools and experience to properly tackle the job. We hire only punctual, high-quality employees to serve our customers, so you can sit back knowing that you're being supplied with top-notch, reliable work.

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