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Star Rug Cleaners We thank you for your understanding and look forward to being able to support our team so we can continue to service you. Star Rug Cleaners has been specializing in rug washing for over 90 years, serving its customers in the same location in downtown Santa Barbara. Founded by June Smith in 1921, Star Rug Cleaners is the oldest rug washing plant in Santa Barbara.

Today we use the newest technologies, along with an educated and experience staff that treats you and your rugs like family. By putting the highest priority on education and preservation of oriental rugs it's no wonder why Star Rug Cleaners out cleans them all.

read more › Most commonly used to treat strong odors related to animals. If your rug has an odor from pet urine, waste, or body oils, we strongly recommend our enzyme treatment. The rug is immersed into a tub filled with our enzyme solution and left to soak allowing the treatment to break down the waste and odor. After soaking for the appropriate amount of time, the rug is then given a complete wash. Fiber Protectant can be applied to virtually any surface, offering resistance to staining and saturation. This will help prevent stains from settling into rug fibers easier and may help with removing stains in future cleanings.

read more › Durahold pads by No-Muv are non-skid, hypo-allergenic pads that offer a thick cushion to prevent any uneven wear on the rug. They are ideal for those looking for some cushion under their rug and for tile floors. Magic Stop pads by MSM are pads made especially for rugs on top of carpeting. A slightly tacky pad adheres the rug to the carpet and prevents the rug from wrinkling or becoming a trip hazard. H+ pads by SHAW is a high quality non-skid pad with a medium cushion to help ease any uneven wear on your rug.

read more › Improper carpet identification can lead to browning, discoloration, and disappointing results. Any good carpet cleaning professional knows a good job takes time and attention to detail. Our Steam Cleaning method is backed by years of knowledge and experience. Using high quality products and equipment allows us to give even the dirtiest carpets a fighting chance. However, some carpet may need less than others, our technicians with over 20 years of experience working for Star Rug Cleaners know the difference between a carpet restoration project and a simple spring clean.

read more › Just like rugs, some upholstery cleaning methods should vary depending on material and construction. Give us a call to see what method would be best and more cost effective for you. Wet Clean: A tepid solution is applied with low moisture. The solution is left to sit and dwell to loosen any soil and stains. Our extraction tool is then used to extract all of the soil that has been lifted to the surface by the solution. Dry Clean: A non-aqueous based cleaning solution of odorless mineral spirits is applied, agitated, and extracted with our extraction tool.

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