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Organic Home Service Organic Home Service offers many options for keeping your property in tip-top shape. With our specialty services, you will notice the difference right away. Our certified technicians will come to your home or business and make sure the air quality is the best it can be. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, you know you are in good hands. Call us today to learn about our services.

We are all about going green. Our products are safe and environmentally friendly. No need to worry about us using harsh chemicals. All our cleaning products are organic and plant-based. We understand the importance of keeping the earth clean as well as keeping you safe from harsh chemicals. We NEVER use bleach in our products. You can learn more about our organic cleaning procedures by contacting us.

Organic Home Service in Dallas uses organic products when we clean your home or commercial property. You don't have to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals after we are finished with your cleaning. Our products are safe for you and for the environment.

read more › Organic Home Service in Dallas is a family owned and operated company. Our goal is to make sure each customer is satisfied and happy with the service we deliver. We work hard to make sure your needs are met and that we provide the best work possible. When you choose us for your air duct cleaning in Dallas or your restoration services, a certified technician will perform the work, every time. As we have been in the business for many years, we have improved our services in order to meet the needs of the customers.

read more › Better breaths with our air duct cleaning in Dallas. You expect your business, apartment or home to always be a healthy habitation for your loved ones. The substance of your indoors ventilation and quality of air plays a significant part in making your home healthier. Eradicate harmful duct bacteria, dust particles, dust termites, pet pollen, skin pollen, lots of other stuff floating around your air ducts and vent system. Help alleviate asthmatic symptoms, contact allergies, headaches, and various respiratory system conditions.

read more › After not cleaning your ducts for a while, dust and dirt accumulate in the system and throughout your house and impact the quality of your air and health. Harmful particles advance to various areas in your house via the HVAC unit and settle inside the air ducting system. Whenever you operate your HVAC unit, the contaminants are circulated across your house. At Organic Home Service, we take advantage of our experience in cleaning air ducting units and vents to make sure the air in your house is fresh and clean.

read more › Our company has worked hard to obtain an A+ rating among top HVAC companies. Being a recognized brand, we are pleased to render top quality air duct installation and replacement work in and around Dallas and its surrounding cities. Do you need new ductwork or need to replace old ducts in your home or business? Contact us today for your free estimate. Call us at 972-430-9315 and a friendly company representative will be ready to assist you. Organic Home Service provides professional maintenance, repairs, and replacement and installation for air ducts in your home or commercial property.

read more › As a top dryer vent cleaning service in Dallas, we provide expert dryer vent maintenance and cleaning for your home or business. Whenever your dryer vent is performing ineffectively, it's probably as a result of a clogged blockage of dirt particles in the duct. Cotton bits, dirt particles, lint and other regular causes of dryer vent blockages will not only have an impact on the performance of your clothes dryer but also considered a potential threat to fire outbreak. Our Dallas dryer vent cleaning service eliminates the risk of a fire outbreak and improves your dryer's efficiency.

read more › Any size of water damage requires an immediate response. With Organic Home Service, we devliver a quick and efficient action from our team of experts who use advanced equipment and techniques to eliminate the water faster. Our company is dedicated to providing immediate response to water emergencies. We understand that quick and significant action reduces the damage and lessens the cost. Our water damage technicians are highly trained in water damage restoration with an emphasis on monitoring and recording the drying process from start to finish.

read more › Fires can be destructive to your property and leave marks of frustration and depression. When you thought that firefighting efforts are enough, think twice. Note that your house or commercial building is likely to suffer from widespread fire and water damage. Organic Home Service prides ourselves with specialized fire damage restoration in Dallas. We are backed by years of education and experience to restore your house to a pre-fire condition. Our team consisting of fire damage specialists are trained and dedicated to responding promptly when you need assistance during a disaster event like a fire.

read more › Don't prolong the agony of having a mold problem in your property, Call Organic Home Service at 972-430-9315. Naturally, mold and mildew accumulate over time in moist areas but its excessive growth can cause devastating damages to your properties and can compromise the health of your loved ones. Mold is a growing danger for your home and business, and it can cause health problems such as allergic reactions, chronic sinus problems, and poisoning by mycotoxins. We have a reputation of reliable expertise, quick response and efficient solutions for moisture management in your residential and commercial properties.

read more › If you have any questions about any of our services, we'll be happy to answer all of them. Our in office staff will be happy to speak with you regarding any concerns you may have. Want to speak with a certified technician? No problem! At Organic Home Service in Dallas, we are here for you. Customer service is important to us, so please don't hesitate to call us.

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