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Aren't you tired of cleaning away your weekends? When we clean, not only will you have less stress but so much more time to spend on yourself or with your loved ones! Take the kids out to the park or to see a movie. Treat yourself to a spa day or dust off your boots and go take a hike. No matter what you've been longing to do as soon as you'd have more time, now you can! Don't put it off any longer, you'll be kicking yourself for not calling the best house cleaners in Dallas sooner!

We'll ask a few questions about your needs and budget then provide you with a competitive quote. Each of our Valet Maids have been thoroughly vetted, interviewed and must pass a background check before they are allowed to join our team. Our maids are professionally trained and qualified to clean each and every surface of your home starting from top-to-bottom and moving from left-to right, back-to-front.

Our range of services can be tailored specifically to your homes needs. We can accommodate most schedules and specific requests, this way we can truly deliver a one-of a- kind cleaning!

read more › We are the preferred cleaning service in the Dallas area. We have years of experience and simply love what we do! We understand that getting reliable maid services is always going to be a challenging endeavor. You'll be entrusting the provider with your private space and it is imperative that they're treating it with respect. We've been helping homeowners get professional maid and house cleaning services for years. Whether you have a large home or a small abode, we have custom cleaning packages to fit everyone's unique needs.

read more › Valent Maids provides the highest quality residential cleaning services in the Dallas area. We offer Recurring Cleaning Services, Deep Cleaning Services, Move Cleaning Service and Apartment/Condo Cleaning Services. Most of our clients take advantage of our Recurring Cleanings for which we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly scheduling. We also offer Deep Cleanings, Move In/Move Out services as well as Apartment/Condo cleanings as well. We have something for everyone and back all of our cleanings with a 200% satisfaction guarantee.

read more › When your weekends are no longer bound by house chores, you'll find you have so much more time on your hands to do the things you love! Whether it's taking your dog on a hike, splashing around in the pool in the summer time or treating yourself to a spa day, it's your time to be spent your way! Most home-owners have do much on their plates already that maintaining and balancing obligations such as work, school, raising a family, etc. can eat away all our free time and we're left at the end of the day with a house that hasn't yet been cleaned.

read more › If it's been a while since your home has been professionally cleaned or if it's never been professionally cleaned then a Deep Cleaning is just what you need to get you started off on the right foot. We break out our finest and most precise tools for our deep cleanings. We guarantee that every dust bunny is eliminated, every nook and cranny is wiped clean and all those hard to reach places are given the time and care they need. Your home will be as clean if not cleaner then when you moved in! Perhaps, you only need a One-Time Deep Clean and that's a-okay!

read more › Moving out is a huge undertaking where you have a hundred things on your mind, all the time. You've got endless paperwork to take care of, you've got to get everything packed and loaded and then how about the leftover mess? Allow us to take a major item off your to-do list and off your shoulders by allowing us to handle the clean up after you move out. If you're moving out of an apartment, a professional cleaning can go a long way to getting your deposit back. Nothing in the world feels better, looks better or smells better than a freshly cleaned home.

read more › A clean living space is essential when it comes to living a clean, healthy lifestyle. This starts by ensuring where you live is being cleaned by the professionals with the knowledge and equipment to get the job done the right way, every time. We clean from high to low, moving from left to right, back to front so we don't miss a thing! Having your apartment professionally cleaned can go a long ways to receiving your deposit back when it comes time to move out. See our Move Cleaning services for more details.

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