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The Trash Can Cleaners Here is a quick video about our equipment and the below the video, a form to request more information, or give us a call at 210-971-4980! We provide a FREE consultation about starting a trash bin & dumpster cleaning business. We can cover equipment options, marketing, operations, logistics, software and more! These guys are great! I cannot stand a nasty smelly trash can with bits of food slop that somehow always see to get.

COSA has established rules for organic waste that basically is unsanitary and causes undue and unnecessary pests. I've been using the trashcan cleaners for about a year now the best trash can investment I could've made totally worth. They are everything you want a business to be-pleasant, professional, prompt, courteous, helpful, community. The Trash Can Cleaners are great team of people who not only provide a great service, but they do it the old fashioned.

I've been using Trash Can Cleaners for a year and a half and I am always so impressed after every cleaning. They do an.

read more › The Trash Can Cleaners, LLC is a San Antonio, TX based equipment manufacturer and service business made up of friends, family, and neighbors. As parents with small children, we understand the need to keep things clean and sanitary. Garbage, recycle, and organic wheelie bins are no different, especially when they are kept in reach of children or in a garage. For us, smelly diapers in trash cans lead to the idea and progressed into this amazing business and growing industry. The ownership team at The Trash Can Cleaners already had a combine background in industrial pressure washing, heavy mechanic services, fabrication and industrial cleaning chemicals.

read more › Bin Cleaners provide a year round business cleaning garbage bins and are able to complete additional job types such as power washing, surface cleaning, dumpster cleaning, water transfer services, etc. Mobile business that can be run from home or grown into a large company as little competition exists. Low start up cost & low overhead. Get in on the ground floor! Unlimited growth potential in an emerging industry with little competition in most markets. Be on the leading edge of a new industry in the United States!

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