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Big Reds Big Red's Guaranteed Clean has been serving the people of Omaha Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska, Fremont Nebraska, Western Iowa and all the great towns and communities in between since 1985. We provide the highest quality carpet cleaning & guarantee in the commercial cleaning and residential cleaning industry. We provide professional Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Re-Stretching to which we use the most up to date techniques and equipment.

We also provide professional Area Rug Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. We are certified and trained as Master Rug Cleaners. Big Red's Guaranteed Clean is the only company in town that provides all 5 of the carpet cleaning methods available today. We choose the best method to safely and successfully clean each type of carpet in any given situation.

We can make repairs for many of the common everyday occurrences that damage your carpet, like pet damage, staining or bleaching. We can also stretch out wrinkles in your carpet and fix split seams. Get rid of pet odors for good!

read more › The original company provided janitorial and maid services in addition to carpet cleaning. To start the business Rex borrowed $3000 on his brand new Discover Credit Card to purchase equipment, supplies, and have business cards printed. Within a few days, he was a business owner - up to his eyeballs in debt and pounding the pavement looking for his first client. Senfco Auto Center at the Westroads was Guaranteed Clean's first commercial contract. Rex would continue to sell jobs during the day and clean them at night until he could hire an employee to train to do the cleaning.

read more › Our services include commercial and residential carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, area rug cleaning & oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, grout, and hardwood floors. We also offer mold removal & water damage remediation. We can repair carpet, restretch carpet, and remove pet odor from carpet. We are a family-owned company and would love to help you clean your flooring in Omaha. If you are interested in any of our residential & commercial floor cleaning services, contact us!

read more › Rex Anderson, owner of Guaranteed Clean attended and completed the Master Rug Cleaner program held at Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Dallas, Texas, a 100-year old company owned by the third generation of Armenian rug cleaners. Made the financial, intellectual and time commitment to achieve advanced oriental rug cleaning and specialty rug cleaning knowledge;. Trained their employees on how to use safe cleaning procedures with regard for the environment;. Joined an international network of like-minded professionals with the highest ethical business practices; and.

read more › Big Red's Guaranteed Clean is the only company in Omaha that provides 5 different methods of carpet cleaning. We don't have a one method fits all model like other companies. At Guaranteed Clean, we pick the carpet cleaning method that best fits your situation! The rotary action of the brush whips the detergent into a foam and provides agitation or rubbing action on the carpet. This suspends the soil, and the wet/dry vacuuming that follows removes it. Bonnet Cleaning - This method employs a rotary floor machine with a round absorbent pad attached.

read more › Re-work carpet that has been removed for the installation of cabinets, entertainment centers, bars, etc. Carpet Re-Stretching - This is one of our most requested carpet services because many carpets today are not installed properly. However, we do not cut corners when it comes to your carpet needs. We use a very special process called "Power'Stretching". This is the process of using a large lever to stretch the carpet from one side of the room the opposite wall. The Carpet and Rug Institute says in their CRI 100 Standard that all carpet should be Power-Stretched to a "Drum-Tight" condition.

read more › Clean & Buff & Shine (CBS) - This method includes a thorough cleaning of the floor that starts with dry soil removal. That is followed by wet mopping with extra attention given to the edges and corners. Then the floor is buffed with a high-speed burnishing machine to bring out a high gloss shine. Regularly performing this service will extend the strip & refinish time cycle. Scrub & Recoat (S&R) - This method includes everything in the CBS procedure above with the addition of Scrubbing the floor with a heavy-duty detergent.

read more › Big Red's Guaranteed Clean offers several levels of care when it comes to pet odor removal and pet stain removal. Regardless of the method, we will use a combination of technician experience, black lights, and moisture sensors to pinpoint the areas of damage and we will offer the most comprehensive guarantee possible based on the service level you choose. This method will thoroughly treat the carpet fibers without the need to disengage the carpet. A combination of acid pre-sprays followed by enzymatic pre-sprays and conventional hot water extraction will thoroughly wash the face fibers and remove pet urine odors.

read more › Wet Mopping Cleaning - Wet mopping may not sound very special, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Machine Scrubbing - We use a low speed 175 rpm floor machine and a Scrub-Grit brush to get into all the nooks and crevices. Machine scrubbing is preceded by the proper application of cleaning chemicals to emulsify the soils present in the cleaning area. This method is always followed by the extraction of the soiled solution or by using the Turbo Hybrid. Turbo Hybrid - This is a unique machine that High Pressure Washes the tile inside of a Vacuum.

read more › Depending on the type of material being cleaned, our procedures vary. Guaranteed Clean is unique because we take special precautions (listed below) to clean your upholstery and furniture in the most effective and safe way! We guarantee we can clean even the most difficult fabrics. We always start by thoroughly testing the fabric to make sure we are using the safest and best procedure for the particular type of fabric we are working with. We then take special precautions to protect the floor and other furnishings in the area and set up our "Cleaning Area".

read more › When water, fire, mold, or smoke gets into your home or business and causes water damage, it is important that you are working with the right company and one that's certified in water, fire, mold, and smoke damage repair and restoration. You need Guaranteed Clean, a professional company with the knowledge and skills pertaining to applied structural drying, water damage dry out, and advanced microbial remediation (mold removal), as well as experienced in handling insurance claims. We can be your trusted cleanup and repair providers for emergency situations that include water, fire, smoke, and mold damage.

read more › The technician was extremely professional and did a great job and, trust me, my carpet was a challenge! We'll definitely use you again! When they came to pick up my rugs for cleaning they offered to do an estimate on the carpet cleaning for me. I had planned to use a different company but changed my mind due to his excellent service, his honest assessment and the Military Discount he gave us. Thanks for doing a great job! - Philip Mary L.

read more › YES -We offer the absolute best guarantee in the business - You'll Love Our Service, or it's FREE! YES - We have day shifts and night shifts running 7 days a week. We can clean on Sunday night at midnight if you wish - and there is never an extra charge! YES - Both, and more. Guaranteed Clean offers all 5 methods of cleaning. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses and we will use only the method(s) that will safely provide the best results - That often means a combination of methods. You can only get that from Guaranteed Clean!

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