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Fashion Cleaners At Fashion Cleaners, we are passionate about what we do. Local to Omaha for the past 72 years, and family owned and operated for the past 27 years, we are invested in our community. We are pleased to provide the best dry cleaning services we can to Omaha and take great pride in being consistently voted "Best Dry Cleaner" in Omaha. We love making a personal connection with our customers, and we love making sure you look your best.

At Fashion Cleaners, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations. We want to make each and every experience you have with Fashion Cleaners better than the last. We take great care in the training of our staff and Customer Service Representatives, and we know they will take great care of you. Our pick-up and delivery drivers love what they do, and they love getting to know their customers.

As Fashion Cleaners' owner Kermit Engh will say, "we strive to be on the leading edge, not the bleeding edge of technology." Fashion Cleaners is Omaha's first 100% eco-friendly luxury dry cleaner right down to our diesel trucks.

read more › GreenEarth Cleaning is the most environmentally-friendly dry cleaning process available today. GreenEarth cleaning is good for your clothes and it's good for the Earth. GreenEarth Cleaning replaces petroleum-based solvents that are commonly used by most dry cleaners today with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand. Silicone has been around for a long time and has a wide variety of uses. Its application to dry cleaning was discovered when a scientist working with a solution used in cosmetics, realized it removed the fats and dirt from his hands without drying them out.

read more › At Fashion Cleaners, we prepare your garments for cleaning by inspecting them thoroughly. This includes measuring for blocking when required, protecting or removing buttons or ornaments, evaluating for serviceability, identifying stains for treatment and inspecting for damage and loose seams. Our stain removal experts use both soaking and individual stain removal techniques with the most advanced technology available in the industry today. We offer a variety of specialized procedures including dry cleaning, wet cleaning and hand cleaning, the use of extensive customized programs and the purest of environmental cleaning agents.

read more › Includes preparing the garments for cleaning by measuring for blocking when required, button or ornament protection or removal, evaluating for serviceability, identifying stains for treatment, inspecting for damage and loose seams, and more. Is performed by experienced professionals using both soaking and individual stain removal techniques, many of which are proprietary. Here is where our Platinum Service is far superior to any other in the Metro area- We have finishing professionals that are specifically trained in this highly specialized skill.

read more › Our executive shirt cleaning service provides a highly tailored experience with unparalleled service. You'll receive personalized service that allows you to determine your shirt preferences including how each collar is pressed, the amount of starch used and how a shirt is packaged upon return. Once your preferences are recorded, your shirts are perfect every time. Unlike many cleaners, there is no risk of shrinkage around the collars or cuffs due to our use of specialized cleaning agents that allows us to use lower water temperatures.

read more › Leather and Fur pieces risk losing their luster if not properly maintained. We understand that your fur and leather pieces are some of your most prized items and our unique processes can extend the life and quality of these pieces. Often these pieces are heirlooms or specialty garments that deserve to be treated with high-end, dry cleaning services. We provide expert cleaning and conditioning services for fur, shearling and leather coats. We also clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats, and other high-end outerwear.

read more › Silk and linen sheets as well as high-thread count sheets (600+) and highly detailed linens demand a specialized cleaning process and extensive hand finishing. Fashion Cleaners' sophisticated facility and equipment can protect and extend the life of your high quality bedding. Nothing is better than slipping between freshly cleaned and ironed sheets. Our bed linen service includes stain removal, cleaning and sanitizing, hand pressing, minor mending, inspections and packaging. For your convenience, linens are bundled in sets to make changing beds as easy as possible.

read more › From taking in your favorite pair of pants to making sure a new jacket fits perfectly, alterations can help you look your best. Whether you're visiting a tailor for the first time or an alteration veteran, our alterations department has the knowledge and experience to help you determine the best way to alter your clothes and can handle just about every request. Our master tailor, Balbina, ensures that garments are properly cared for and altered to your specifications.

read more › For a polished, finished appearance, you want to look good from your head to your toes and that includes your shoes. Don't cut corners with your appearance because you're pressed for time. Drop off shoes for regular cleaning, polishing or repair and we'll take care of all the details. If you are a Fashion Cleaners home delivery customer, simply leave your shoes with a scheduled pick-up. Shoe care can be handled within the same time frame as your dry cleaning.

read more › All of our wedding gowns are cleaned and finished by utilizing Museum CareTM. As the only Nebraska member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Fashion Cleaners prides themselves on providing our staff with continual and up-to-date training in all aspects of wedding gown cleaning and preservation. We will gladly give you a free consultation and estimate for the care of any wedding dress or gown. We hand treat and clean each bridal or family gown (wedding, communion, christening, quinceaera) individually - never in combination with any other bridal dress.

read more › Would you like to preserve your wedding gowns, baptismal and christening gowns, uniforms or other precious heirlooms for future generations in your family? Our gown preservation service makes it possible for that beautiful gown or other garment to be preserved for generations to come. Our archival-quality acid-free boxes, acid-free tissue and cotton muslin liner, enable textiles to remain beautiful for over 200 years! Gowns and heirlooms that are cleaned and finished by our Museum CareTM process include a lifetime warranty.

read more › When a house fire or other disaster hits, the resulting damage from fire, smoke and water can be devastating - but it doesn't have to be permanent. Using state of the art restoration and deodorization technologies, Fashion Cleaners can restore up to 98 percent of garments and household fabrics. As a member of FRSTeam, the Fabric Restoration Service Team, we offer complete fire and water restoration services of clothing, window coverings and household fabric items affected by smoke, fire, water, mold and other types of loss.

read more › From the moment a guest walks into your hotel, we know that you want to provide a great first impression. Fashion Cleaners can ensure that every hotel uniform is clean and perfectly pressed. As Omaha's only 100% eco-friendly dry cleaner, we are in sync with the increasing desires of hotel guest for environmentally friendly practices. It's a touch of service you won't find anywhere else! All garments accepted by Fashion Cleaners are properly insured and will be hand inspected for any specific issues or concerns.

read more › Whether it's the first game of the year or the semester's big recital, when students look their best, they can focus on performing their best. Fashion Cleaners treats every school as a premier customer. We are also Omaha's only 100% eco-friendly dry cleaner, which means you do not have to worry about your students' allergies and sensitivities to smells and cleaning products.

read more › From alter boys to gospel choirs, every member of your service deserves to look their best. We have the know-how to care for the cleaning needs of your church's or school's choral robes. We are also Omaha's only 100% eco-friendly dry cleaner, which means you do not have to worry about your choir's allergies and sensitivities to smells and cleaning products.

read more › Opening nights and first games come with enough jitters without having to worry about whether their costumes look great. From the first performance to the last, Fashion Cleaners lets the dry cleaning needs of your production's costumers and team's mascot. We are the official dry cleaner of Creighton University's Billy the Blue Jay, and have handled many costumes from The Orpheum including the Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and others. We have also worked with Omaha Community Playhouse and movie productions such as Lovely Hill.

read more › Place your clothes in the delivery bag, hang on your door - we even provide the bag and door hanger! We know how important your clothes are to you, which is why we take care of them like they were our own. We offer our Home or Office Pick-Up and Delivery to most neighborhoods in Omaha and Council Bluffs including Blair, Fort Calhoun, Bellevue, LaVista, Papillion, Douglas County, Sarpy County and Washington County. Our delivery drivers are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Zach is our Route Manager, and brings many years of management and customer relationship experience to Fashion Cleaners.

read more › Our WASHDRYFOLD laundry service makes it easy to add laundry service to your weekly pick-up & delivery, or in-store drop off and pick-up! Fashion Cleaners knows how tedious the job of doing laundry can be, so we developed our Wash Dry Fold Laundry Service to help make your life easier by eliminating the tedious chore of doing laundry. To make the process simple, offer two laundry bag sizes, each with a set price. All you have to do is fill your bag and leave it for your route driver, or bring it into one of our six convenient locations.

read more › Fashion Cleaners knows your time is precious. That's why busy families and professionals save time with our Laundry Butler wash and fold monthly laundry subscription delivery service throughout the Omaha Metro area. Spend your extra free time doing your favorite things with the ones you love. We treat your laundry like our own, carefully washing and folding shirts, jeans, casual pants, shorts, t-shirts, socks, undergarments, pajamas, and towels, and deliver them to your door twice a week. It's like having your own personal laundry butler; all you'll need to do is put it away!

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