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When you enter Dee and Hattie Cleaners, you are stepping into a tradition. It is a tradition of over 60 years providing quality dry cleaning, restoration and laundry services. It is a tradition of honesty in business, excellence in workmanship and dedication to community. As owner Tommy Payne explains, Dee and Hattie were the names of the two women who started the business in 1949.

They were working at Neiman Marcus at the time and could not find a satisfactory source for cleaning the beautiful and expensive wedding gowns sold at the store. They decided to open a dry cleaner's and quickly established a fine reputation for quality service and impeccable restoration work. We still do almost all of our wedding gown dry cleaning and restoration work by hand just as Dee and Hattie did.

This kind of handiwork is unusual in this business and we are proud to continue such a special tradition. Our customers love the convenience of our pick-up and delivery service so much that approximately half of our business comes from our routes.

read more › If it is brought in after 9:00 am the garment(s) will be ready the following day by 4:00 pm. For moth protection purposes you should keep them in a moth bag, we sell them here in the store. Always clean garments before storing them for the season, even if you think there are no stains- GET IT CLEANED! Normally they are caused by oils, drinks or food and eventually turn a yellow or brown color. It is caused by oxidation of the sugars in the stain. Always wash your clothes before ironing or pressing, this can prevent stains from being set in to the fabric.

read more › Wedding Dresses must be brought in to the store to be examined to look at beading, sequins, care label, etc to determine price. Most Wedding Dress cleanings start out at $540. All beads and sequins will be tested before proceeding. Any stains on the dress will be pre-spotted before cleaning to assure the utmost quality. All wedding dresses should be thoroughly cleaned before storage to insure proper preservation. Certain dresses can be spot cleaned before wearing, but must be brought in so we can inspect it.

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