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Attic Pros Attic Pros has been providing industry leading attic cleaning and insulation removal services to both residential, as well as commercial buildings for many years. Do you have a home or office that is contaminated with rodents, leaving you looking for a professional and experienced company to help you to deal with this issue. Many rodents will make their nests in the attic of homes and commercial buildings, which can cause serious health concerns for the residents when their droppings are left unattended.

When finished, your attic will be left rodent free, and decontamine any areas of the attic where the rodents had been throughout their unwanted stay. When AtticPros is hired for rodent removal in your attack, they approach each task in a highly professional manner, with a goal to quickly take care of your rodent problems and ensure that your home is left clean and safe.

AtticPros offers competitive pricing in all of the services that they provide. From rodent removal, to insulation materials after the attic has been cleaned, they offer a wide range of services for your home for an affordable price at a high quality.

read more › Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up itchy fiber glass, let us take care of the mess!. Dead animals are both a mess and health hazard; therefore, our professionals are equipped and trained to properly clean and dispose of them. Our attic cleaning and insulation removal services are trusted by our clients accross Bay Area. Attic Decontamination: Your Next Job after Attic Animal Removal Animals may bring viruses and infections in the attic. What You Should Look for In a Rodent Control Company Are you suffering from an attic rodent problem?

read more › Chances are you don't think about air ducts that much, but you do need to pay attention to them as much as you do other parts of your home. Air ducts get neglected and go without maintenance because they are not obtrusive hence they develop problems and gradually begin to malfunction. In order to have a properly functioning air duct, you need to have it maintained or even replaced on a regular basis. Contrary to what the majority of people might believe, air ducts can be fragile even though they might not look like it.

read more › When you buy a new house chances are it is not actually 'new'. The average age of a house in America is 34 years old, and the number of new houses sold is dwarfed by that of houses which were built some time ago. One area that many people never even look at is the attic, but many times if you did you would be surprised at the state of this very important part of your house. If you have just moved into a 'new' house, for truly professional attic cleaning services call AtticPros - we specialize in debris cleanup and attic cleaning, and can thoroughly check for any rodent infestation and to make sure your current insulation is up to snuff.

read more › If your house attic is improperly insulated and ventilated, the first step to getting things right is removal of the old insulation and making sure that the ventilation measures are working properly so that any new insulation will not be ruined by a buildup of moisture within the attic space. This can cause other problems as well. Proper attic insulation and ventilation is essential for your home. When properly done this will drastically lower your power bills and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems.

read more › An Air Duct's function is to carry both cold and warm air to rooms around your house hence a dirty air duct won't be able to properly perform it's function. Our air duct cleaning services make sure that the air getting blown around the rooms in your house is clean and fresh. Attic Pros is your number one go to company for all your air duct cleaning. The following are signs that your house needs air duct cleaning. Under normal conditions your air duct shouldn't have mold in them, therefore any presence of mold in your air duct should be a warning sign that they need to get cleaned immediately.

read more › Nothing can cause damage to a house faster than rodent infestation, and one of the most common areas for these destructive pests is the attic. A squirrel or raccoon might be cute (not so much a rat or mouse), but there is nothing cute that can result from the different ways these animals can begin destroying your house. If there are animals in your attic, our rodent removal service is there to help you regain your peace of mind! As soon as you are aware that your house is being used as a den to other animals, you need to act!

read more › One of the most common ways attic insulation is degraded and damaged is because of rodent infestation; this can come about from many different animals including raccoons, squirrels, rats and others, and the damage can extend to other areas such as wiring. After the rodents are exterminated, our decontamination specialists can provide a turnkey, guaranteed service which includes cleanup of nests, feces and any remaining dead bodies as well as decontamination services and reapplication of insulation once the wiring and other areas have been inspected for damage by our decontamination specialists.

read more › One of the worst things about a rodent or animal infestation in your attic or crawlspace is what happens when some of the animals die. If the animals are using your house as a den, this will occur and it can fill your house with the stench of dead animals for weeks unless properly taken care of. At AtticPros, we have the training and equipment to properly dispose of the animal infestation. This includes dead animal removal and a thorough rodent proofing of your attic. After these first steps are completed, we will go to work on the dead animal odor removal.

read more › Of all the rodents which can invade your attic, rats are arguably the worst ones to get. They have a quick gestation period which lasts only 21 days, and can have 5 litters a year with an average of 8 - 10 rat pups with each litter. Do a little math, and you can see how quickly these destructive little creatures can breed. A colony of rats in your attic is not only highly destructive, but can also leave a large amount of feces and dead rats in your attic space which can turn into a health risk.

read more › Kids love to watch squirrels frolic and play in the yard, but as a homeowner the last thing you want to see coming out of your attic space is one of these cute little animals. They can cause large amounts of damage in your attic, and they pose a health risk as well as the potential damage to your house - this includes insulation, wiring and more. If you have squirrels in your attic, there will be nests, a growing amount of feces and sooner or later dead animals. As soon as you realize there are squirrels in your attic, call AtticPros.

read more › Too much heat and vapor in the house is not only uncomfortable to the occupants but it can damage the property if not controlled in a timely manner. Most of the heat that ends up seeping into your house, does so through the roof. One way of reducing the amount of heat that seeps into the house is by installing a radiant barrier. A vapor barrier just like a radiant barrier will prevent overheating in the summer which is caused by the moisture seeping into your house. Attic Pros installs both Vapor and Radiant Barriers.

read more › A house is closer to a living thing than perhaps any machine we have made; it has a long life span if we take care of it, and some of the most important parts of the house are the parts that you can't see and might spend years not looking at or going into. Chances are your house has never had a crawl space cleaning. The crawl space is one of those parts that most people never think of until something goes wrong, but that is a mistake that as you get older you realize is just that - a mistake. Paying special attention to your crawl spaces does help your house to run as efficiently as possible, and to make it last as long as possible.

read more › Animals may bring viruses and infections in the attic. Rats, for instance, carry over 35 diseases and they can transmit them to humans by handling them or by contact with their urine, droppings, and others. If you may have been successful in your attempt to remove animals inside the area, this is only half of the job. The other half pertains to attic decontamination. You need to make an effort to decontaminate the place to make sure that nothing will pose threat to the health of the whole family.

read more › Are you suffering from an attic rodent problem? Don't panic but don't ignore it either as it poses risk to your family's health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that rats and mice are responsible for more than 35 diseases worldwide and these can be spread by handling of rodents or by contact with urine, feces, saliva, and others. Though you think you can address this concern on your own, some situations call for professional help. So if you are thinking about looking for a provider for rodent removal, how can you be certain that the company which offers rodent control is deserving of your trust?

read more › These are passed to humans by biting, by infecting human food with droppings and urine, and infecting skin wounds with urine. They also transmit these viruses indirectly by blood-sucking insects, mites, cats, and dogs. It is therefore important that you do not allow rats to stay in your home - particularly in the attic. If you know that these creatures are living in this part of the house, it's time to do something about it or to call professionals to help you in attic rats removal. Solving your attic rats problem starts with the checking of windows and doors in the attic, as well as utility lines, downspouts, and roofs.

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