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We have over 16 years experience providing professional home services to Bay Area residents. We specialize in: insulation services, attic and crawl space cleaning, rodent control, wildlife control, and HVAC services. Our mission is to provide energy-efficient solutions that keep your home healthy, comfortable, and safe. I will only work with the best materials available and provide warranties ranging from 3-months to 5-years.

I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. My crew members are experienced and insured to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and to the customer's standard. We strive for honest customer service, so invoices are only paid in full when the project is finished.

read more › The first step in rodent proofing is to inspect all areas in your home to identify access points. This includes the attic, roof eaves and roof, crawl space, garage, living areas, and the perimeter of your home. Next, we will provide you with a recommendation and proposal for how to best treat the problem. Using methods including sealing the access points, setting traps with bait, and securing your home, we will ensure that rodents will not continue to have access to your home. Following the exclusion work, we will re-inspect your home every 1-2 weeks to ensure the issue has been resolved.

read more › Attics can become contaminated if there is excessive moisture, if there are gaps and holes in and around the roof, or if rodents and wildlife have infested the space. Rodents, birds, raccoons, squirrels, and other critters love insulation because its warm and easy to build a nest in. Unfortunately, this results in your insulation becoming contaminated. Rodent and wildlife urine, droppings, carcasses, and other waste accumulate quickly. Contaminated insulation can lead to growth of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and viruses.

read more › Insulation is one of the best ways to prevent mildew, mold, bacteria, wood rot, and roof deterioration. Insulation is one of the best ways to keep moisture out of your attic and to maintain a moderate and controlled temperature in your attic. We offer a full range of insulation services, including: removal, replacement, and installation. Commonly insulated areas include: walls, attic, crawl spaces, floors, & ceilings. Blanket batts and rolls are typically constructed with fiberglass, although versions made of cotton, mineral wool, and plastic fibers are also available.

read more › Whatever type of home you live in, it is critical to take care of your HVAC system. Your HVAC system transports hot and cold air through out your home through ducts. This network of ducts controls the air in your home so you can stay comfortable through out the year. In the best cases, air ducts are efficient and convenient ways to improve the comfort of your home. When your air ducts become clogged, they can negatively affect your HVAC system, contaminate your air quality, and even present health risks.

read more › It is important to consult with an experienced professional to select the right model of furnace that will perform optimally in your home. Call us today for a free inspection! It is important to consult with an experienced professional to select the right model of AC that will perform optimally in your home. Call us today for a free consultation!

read more › Every home needs windows so you can see your surroundings, but did you know that windows are also responsible for controlling your indoor climate? If you live in the Bay Area, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Old windows may be cause problems in regulating your home's temperature. Low quality glass may lead to overheating from the sun's rays and insufficient sealing may lead to air seeping out. We can help you improve the performance of your windows. Call us today to explore whether window replacement services are a good choice for your home.

read more › Energy-efficiency is increasingly important for home owners. Solar panels offer benefits, including: Reducing pollution, improving environmental health, and decreasing your utility bills. Solar panels are easy to install and maintain and offer year-round benefits. We are committed to making solar energy an affordable option for you. If your home has access to the electric grid, we are ready to install a set of residential solar panels today. Solar energy saves money: If your home produces it's own solar energy, you don't have to buy it from your utility provider.

read more › A roof is a crucial barrier over your family's head and its important to reverse and stop deterioration that happens over time. Water damage and stains: Multiple leaks in the roof can lead to brownish spots on the ceiling, rotting wood in the structure and other exterior discoloration where rainwater did not properly redirect. Missing or damaged shingles: Occasionally severe storms and even pests can dislodge your roof shingles. These bare or broken spots might look unsightly, but worse, they open vulnerabilities to the material underneath.

read more › When it comes to your list of home improvement projects, a fresh exterior paint job can be one of the most challenging tasks to complete yourself. You can't put it off for long, as most painted surfaces will only last up to a decade before deteriorating. No homeowner wants to see flaking paint, an alligator-skin appearance or mold and mildew accumulation. That's why Atticare offers residential exterior painting that will beautify your property and increase your home's curb appeal and overall value.

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