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Let Kangaroo Pools do the hard work for you, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool cleaning available. Kangaroo Pools provides swimming pool cleaning and repairs, specializing in eco-friendly supplies and installation. Our specialties are the Pool Tiger, water clarifying systems and glass tiled swimming pools. We are very satisfied with the pool service that you are providing.

We appreciate the prompt response we get from the office and for your willingness to handle problems timely when they arise. Kangaroo Pools provides products and services in all areas of pool maintenance, that exceeds our customer's expectations, with an eco-friendly perspective. We specialize in water clarifying systems (Pool Tiger) and fully glassed tiled swimming pools.

We do pool maintenance, repairs, salt pool conversions, filter cleaning, resurfacing, remodels, cool decking, pool building and more. Kangaroo Pools is a locally owned business with over 15 years of experience in the field, with friendly and very approachable staff.

read more › Pool Tiger works by passing pool water through our proprietary nozzle system that converts it to water vapor, super-heating it for a fraction of a second. Instantly, the water vapor collapses, cools and reverts back to liquid. This cavitation process helps control bacteria and algae. Pool Tiger installs in minutes, cuts pool maintenance time, and give your family a safer, cleaner swimming experience.

read more › Are you tired of maintaining your own pool? Not sure of what the chemical readings should be? Or just don't want to spend your own quality time cleaning your pool? Let Kangaroo Pools do it for you. We will tend to your pool on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis as if it were our own pool. You can trust the honest and genuine service we provide with your budget in mind.

read more › Well, here in Arizona it's very dry and dusty, and the debris, especially around the dust storm seasons can make a big impact on your filter. It is very important to clean your filter on a regular basis, to ensure effective and efficient running of all of your pool equipment. We recommend cleaning annually for sand filters and every 4-6 months for DE and cartridge filters. When your pool filter is not running efficiently due to excess debris or damage, it can be costing you more money to run your pool in the long run.

read more › Whatever your reason for considering a remodel, we have many options available for redesign. Lighting - incandescent, halogen, LED, white or colored, wall mounted lighting, garden pool lighting, flood lighting, water feature lighting. Equipment - new pumps (variable speed and regular), automation systems, filters (sand, DE and cartridge), Bionizer (chlorine and salt free pool system), salt systems. Pool decking - we also do cool decking, travertine decking and more, so hop on over to our pool decking page to take a look at what else we can offer you for your new desert oasis.

read more › Kangaroo Pools is highly experienced at cool decking, having completed many commercial hotel cool decking jobs, residential patching and brand new cool deck installation. Whatever your goals are for your pool decking, cool deck is a great option, especially in the heat of summer here in Arizona. Cool decking is a material/product that is poured and textured directly onto any concrete surface, whether around your pool, patio or pathways. It lowers the surface temperature of concrete by around 20 degrees and can withstand thermal expansion and contraction better than concrete.

read more › So, your pool is green, or looks old and stained, and you just want to swim in your nice clean pool again? Your pool has been green for a little while and you just can't seem to get it right again. You've tried everything, the pool stores recommendations, google, and maybe even youtube, but with no success. There are several reasons for your yucky problem, and several different solutions to fix it. It could be that the chemistry is off and just needs a professional to rebalance it, with the perfect combination of chemicals.

read more › Does you current system need some repairs, or do you need to upgrade to a new and easier system? Kangaroo Pools are experts in the right automation system for you and your pool. We can repair your current system, upgrade your current system from remote to smart phone or install brand new pool automation systems. We offer pool automation systems from quality pool companies as Pentair, Hayward and Zodiac and can create the best system to fit around you and your current pool equipment. The best thing about pool automation systems is that you can control your pool without having to know all of the ins and outs of how your pool actually works, the plumbing, the electrical and more can be a complicated system at times.

read more › Is your pump going out, need some repairs or just want to switch to a pump that can save you money? If you have decreased circulation, your pool cleaner isn't climbing that walls anymore, or there is a weird noise coming from your pool equipment, your pool pump could need some small repairs. These are some of the many reasons your pool could be off and not feeling well. Kangaroo Pools can assess your pool pump and other equipment to determine what the best solution is for your pool. The other possibility is that your pump could be too old, or too many repairs needed and really just needs to be replaced.

read more › Is your pool filter not doing what it used to do, and leaving you with an unhealthy looking pool that you wouldn't be caught swimming in? There are many reasons why your filter may not be working like it used to. It may just be very old and time for a new one, or there may be a simple repair that can be done to have your filter working in tip top shape again. Kangaroo Pools are experts in finding the right fix, or new filter for your pool. We can come and inspect your filter to determine what might be the issue, and offer you a few different options to get your pool looking great again.

read more › Do you want a nice warm pool to enjoy in the middle of winter, or like to soak in the hot tub? Do you have an old heater or heat pump that's burnt out, not heating your pool or spa, or the rats have gotten to it? Do you want to swim in your hot tub or pool in winter time? Kangaroo Pools can assess if you current installed heater can be repaired or if it is too far gone and you need a brand new heater or heat pump. We always do our best to assess the most cost efficient options for you and your family first.

read more › Check out some of our manufacturers and quality companies we use for parts, equipment and more. We can purchase and install these companies products so you don't have to worry about all the finer details, but if you have questions about some equipment you are considering purchasing and investing your hard earned money into, or you need some ideas or guidance for you beautiful backyard area, these resources below could be of some assistance. And if you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to assist.

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