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Papago Pool Service Looking for Scottsdale pool service? Papago Pool Service offers weekly & monthly pool service in Scottsdale, AZ! We are the best pool cleaners providing affordable pool service, pool repair, pool cleaning and pool maintenance services for customers in the local Scottsdale, Arizona area.

Our weekly and monthly pool cleaning services include: Testing pool water and pH levels, pool water cleaning, pool chemical additions and balancing, basic pool chemicals included, emptying of pool and skimmer baskets, pool filter backwashing, cleaning automatic pool cleaner bag, inspection of pool cleaner, brushing pools walls and steps, pool equipment inspections, vacuuming pool, monitoring and reporting of pool problems.We provide green pool cleaning services to help clean up your green pool water.

We helped 1000's of Scottsdale pool owners turn their green pool water clear fast with our professional and affordable green pool cleaning services. Storms, algae, leaves and pool filter clogging are the biggest causes of your pool water turning green.

read more › Papago Pool Service is a family owned and operated pool cleaning company in Scottsdale AZ, and you can expect us to take a personal interest in the care of your swimming pool. Owner Mark Watkins has been in business maintaining residential and commercial pools in the Phoenix area for over twenty years. He has a strong electrical and mechanical background. With his military training as an aircraft electrician in the U.S. Air Force with three tours to S.E. Asia during the Vietnam War, and subsequently working as a pump mechanic for Salt River Pump and Compressor Company, Mr. Watkins brings a level of competence in fluid flow, pump and filter theory & repair, and hydraulic, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting rarely seen in the swimming pool service and repair industry.

read more › Papago Pool Services takes pride in performing outstanding pool services to keep your water clean. We do an all around job to make sure everything is in pristine shape by not only offering our cleaning services but also maintenance and repair. We know how to fix it and when we fix it, it stays fixed! If we find issues that need attention, we will notify you and provide you with an estimate for repairs. We can also provide acid washing services for you pool. We service pools valley wide including Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert.

read more › If you are searching for "weekly pool services" or "weekly pool service near me" in Scottsdale, Papago Pool Service can help! We offer affordable weekly pool service for residential and commercial swimming pool owners in the local Scottsdale, Arizona area. We offer weekly pool cleaning services so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your swimming pool. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of weekly pool service is $125 a month with low costs at around $100 and high costs around $150. Papago Pool Services offers affordable weekly pool service.

read more › If you're searching the phrase "Saltwater Pool Service" or "Saltwater Pool Repair" in Scottsdale, Papago Pool Service can help! We are a saltwater pool company that offers saltwater pool cleaning, service, maintenance & repair. We provide residential and commercial saltwater pool service, as well as saltwater pool repairs in Scottsdale, Arizona. Saltwater pool service in Scottsdale requires special cleaning and maintenance. These types of pools are cleaned using a Chlorine generator, which is usual in a form of solid tablets that float in a basket.

read more › If you are searching for "pool repair" or "pool repair company" in Scottsdale, Papago Pool Service & Repair can help! Papago Pool has built a strong reputation in the swimming pool industry with 20+ years of experience and 100's of happy clients all over Scottsdale, Arizona and the surrounding cities. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality swimming pool repair services and top notch customer service is guaranteed. Look no further than Papago Pool for all your swimming pool repair needs.

read more › We offer residential and commercial pool pump repair services in Scottsdale, Arizona. Get a free pool pump repair estimate in Scottsdale today by giving Papago Pool Service a call today at (480) 423-9333. Noticing weird sounds coming from your pool pump? Or, does it sound like your pool motor is running loudly or hardly working at all? Your pool motor is the main component of your pool pump, its job is to circulate the pool water throughout your pool to clean and chemicalize your water properly.

read more › If you pool filter is no longer filtering the water, broken or making funny noises, then call us today. We are Chandler's premier pool filter repair specialists. Call us to schedule a pool filter repair. Take a peek at our pool filter repair and cleaning services. A clogged pool filter will not allow water to go through the pool pump, which will cost money for electricity. Additionally, clogged filters can cause the pool motor to burn out a lot quicker which causes it to be replaced. Pool filter cleaning and repair can help to avoid needing to replace the filter at all.

read more › If you are searching for pool heater repair, pool heater replacement or pool heater installation in Scottsdale, Papago Pool Service can help! Papago Pool Service offers professional and affordable pool heater repair, replacement and installation services for gas, electric and solar pool heaters. If you are experiencing problems with your pool heater or spa heater in Scottsdale, give us a call today at 480-423-9333 for fast repair & service. We offer pool heater repair to fix any pool heater problems you may be experiencing.

read more › Common search phrases used to find our pool heaters include: Gas pool heaters, heat pump pool heaters, electric pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. Electric pool heaters or pool heat pump are cost less to operate than gas pool heaters but cost more to install. They cost less to run than gas pool heaters.

read more › If you are searching for "Pool Draining Service", "Pool Draining Service Scottsdale", "Pool Draining Service Near Me" or "Pool Draining And Cleaning", Papago Pool Service can help! We provide residential and commercial pool draining services near you! There are laws for draining pool water in Scottsdale, Arizona. City code states that water should first be drained on your own property or landscaping and then a small amount can be drained into sewer lines or retention basins. City of Scottsdale states, Draining pool water to your desert landscape or lawn is a great option for disposing of pool water.

read more › We provide pool tile cleaning in Scottsdale AZ for pool tiles with calcium or mineral buildup. We have over 20 years of experience delivery high quality pool tile cleaning services all over Scottsdale and Phoenix East Valley. We only use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to safely clean your pool tile including: clean pebble tec pool tiles (glass bead blasting), clean glass pool tile, clean boulders/rocks, natural stone and more. We never use harsh chemicals to clean your swimming pool tile.

read more › Papago Pool Services takes pride in performing outstanding pool services to keep your water clean. We do an all around job to make sure everything is in pristine shape by not only offering our cleaning services but also maintenance and repair. Regular backwashing: Sand filters are simple to backwash and are backwashed usually once a week. This provides regular change-out of water. Pools with sand filters usually never need to be drained. Low maintenance: Sand filters are referred to as "permanent media" filters.

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