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FREE, FAST & EASY estimates via text by simply TEXTING us a description of what you want cleaned. You can even take pictures of stains or heavy traffic areas and send them to us too. Our professional carpet cleaning service consists of 5 steps, unlike most carpet cleaning companies that only do 2 step process. We use powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment along with Brush Pro Rotating Brush Machine.

read more › Our first step in our carpet cleaning process is a visual inspection of the carpeted areas with a UDL (urine detection lamp) to show any problem areas or accidents. Our second step in our carpet cleaning process is the application of our all natural organic cleaning solution. We apply this solution with a pressurized sprayer, onto the carpet, paying special attention to the heavy traffic areas as well as spots and stains. This cleaning solution helps break the bond that soils, particulates, and spots have with the carpet fibers.

read more › Here at Pink's, we strive to provide the best quality tile and grout cleaning service available in Las Vegas. With our state of the art tile and grout cleaning equipment, we are able to surpass what others only claim. The video below is taken from an actual tile and grout cleaning job in Las Vegas. You can see the difference between the dirty tile and grout and the clean tile and grout. We test your tile and grout to find out which of our environmentally safe cleaning agents to use. Since not all dirty tile and grout are the same, we must test to determine which of our solutions will work best.

read more › Here at Pink's Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in fine fabric cleaning of upholstered furniture. We clean most fabrics including, but not limited to: cotton, haitian cotton, chenille, rayon, herculon, acrylic, etc. Not all fabrics are the same and not all fabrics are cleaned the same way. Sometimes dyes need to be set in order to prevent dye bleeding into the fabric. Sometimes a fabric or fiber set needs to be used to prevent browning or discoloring. Because of the different variables encountered when cleaning furniture and fine fabrics, we cannot give an exact price over the phone, but only an ESTIMATE based on client description of said furniture.

read more › Yes, vacuuming helps remove dry soils and hair which helps our filters stay clean and in turn you receive a faster dry time. Yes, the better prepared the home owner is the more time the technician can spend focusing on the task at hand. We offer a pick up submission and re deliver process which is a much better cleaning process and allows us to remove 90% more urine or souls then an income cleaning. How long before we should we wait before we walk on our carpet and floors after they have been cleaned?.

read more › Mike came out and did a wonderful job. I first saw him at my neighbors house and asked him for a quote he came right over and gave me a quote. I scheduled for later that week and he did not disappoint. I'll definitely be recommending them to my friends and family. Mike has cleaned many of my carpets. I've had the misfortune of dealing with other carpet cleaning businesses that do a poor job and could care less once they've gotten your money. Keep it Clean has always done an incredible job, once Mike missed a small area.

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