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We at Sapphire Window Cleaning seek to provide the highest quality workmanship and professionalism in our industry. Because we value our customers we treat each one with absolute importance. From complex commercial projects to the finest homes or simply a small storefront, whatever your needs may be at Sapphire Window Cleaning we are happy to make them our top priority.

We are devoted to the work we do and strive to achieve unprecedented results no matter how small or big the project is. Merge this with our passion to leave every customer blessed and happy when we leave their business or home, and you have what we believe to be the premium of service. Professional cleaning may be more affordable than you think. Every property is different and it takes just a matter of minutes to evaluate your project.

Contact us for a free estimate and our techinicians can come onsite and provide an immediate quote. At Sapphire Window Cleaning we want to reward our best customers. Each cleaning program not only keeps your asset looking beautiful year round, but also includes discounts depending on frequency.

read more › We have been cleaning windows and providing pressure washing services for over a decade. We have gained the experience it takes to put us above the competition. Our company is committed to bringing your first-class window cleaning and pressure washing in a fast, professional, and thorough manner. We Guarantee that we will show up on time. Our friendly uniformed staff will be curtious and clean your property with the best skills. When we started Sapphire Window Cleaning our mission was to be a blessing to all in all that we do.

read more › We pride ourselves in making sure that we can meet whatever scheduling needs you have. If you need windows cleaned weekly, annually or simply a one time cleaning we can accomadate. Our repeat window cleaning programs not only keep your windows looking great year round, but also include discounts depending on frequency. We know that even if it is 10 below or 115 degrees your windows still need cleaning. And we will be there! However we know that sometimes the weather is very unpredictable, so for your peace of mind we offer a 48 hour weather guarantee.

read more › We have what it takes to keep your business shining like new. We specialize in cleaning Sidewalks, Patios, Parking and Dumpster areas, Drive Thrus, or awnings. There is simply no substitute for the results you will get from our commercial equipment and proffesional training. Whether it is your awnings, or concrete surrounding your business we can make them shine like new.

read more › Image is everything. Whether there has been an accident, your business is being inspected, or you just need to make a good impression, there are times when you need professional cleaning done as soon as possible. Your emergency is our priority! We will do everything we can to make sure that you are taken care in the time frame requested.

read more › When it comes to getting the windows cleaned on your house, you should be very careful who you select. Home window cleaning takes special training and our teams have years of experience behind them. Our technicians are trained in every style of window. If you have complex storm windows we can take them apart clean them and put them back together. High or hard to access windows, we can handle that to. We understand that everything in your home is very important to you. From carpet to drapes to furniture we know that you spent your time and money to make your house home and we take pains to work with caution and care.

read more › Pressure washing is the most efficient way to instantly improve the beauty and value of your home. However, it is not as easy as simply power washing your house. Here at Sapphire Window Cleaning we specialize in making your home look its best. Our low-pressure soft wash process safely and effectively removes surface dirt, mold, mildew, and other material that damage and devalue your home. Our process is safe and powerfully cleans without damaging your home, or harming surrounding vegetation.

read more › If you have mold forming on your roof, this can be a serious problem that shortens that life of your shingles. We have the experience it takes to safely clean your roof without doing damage to it. Sometimes gutters get filled with debris and can cause water to backup under your shingles and cause structural issues or can compromise their integrity. Sapphire Window Cleaning can provide one time service or regular preventative maintenance of your roof and gutter system.

read more › Sidewalks, pathways, and driveways - we clean them. Mold, mildew and dirt build up over time and can make it look old and gray. We can restore and make it look beautiful once again using top-of-the-line commercial cleaning equipment providing an even, streak-free clean. Customers are often amazed at the difference our professional cleaning makes in the overall appearance of their property. A clean driveway will help restore the beauty and value of your home.

read more › Each position requires the individual to handle a lot of personal responsibility, work independently, and show good judgment. Our training program will help you learn how the job is most efficiently and safely performed, how to do the paperwork, invoicing and collecting, personal time management, personal tool inventory, maintenance, and more.

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