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Mac's Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Inc. unconditionally guarantees the quality of our dry cleaning. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of or cleaning, simply contact us within 2 days of delivery and we will re-clean your items free of charge. If Prepaying for dry cleaning: 20% discount for cash payments and 10% discount for credit card payments.

Our goal is to build a relationship, not just become your drycleaner. We can bridge this gap by not employing a Tulsa dry cleaners deliver driver, but rather a knowledgeable Tulsa cleaners consultant that can answer any questions you may have. This Tulsa laundry service person in essence will be the bridge between you and your drycleaner.

At our cleaners Tulsa strives to meet the goal that this person becomes familiar with you and your needs, as he/she will handle all of your questions about your number one Tulsa laundry business, concerns about special requests, such as wedding dress preservation and comments about your dry cleaners Tulsa serves.

read more › We are a Tulsa dry cleaners which has been in business since 1952. Mac's Cleaners is a Tulsa cleaners full service dry cleaning and laundry operation in both the retail and wholesale markets. During the span of operation we pride ourselves on our ability to go the extra mile. Examples include expert spotting and finishing, replacing missing buttons, and general mending e.g. While we like to have extra time to make sure our customers get the quality they have come to expect, we also offer a convenient service with same day availability and hours expedient to most individuals.

read more › We employ a team of highly skilled Tulsa dry cleaners seamstresses who are capable of just about any type of repair, wedding dress preservation, or tailoring work. Each member of this Tulsa laundry service team has years of knowledge and experience that has been proven to be an invaluable service to our customers who use the cleaners Tulsa has come to trust. There are some instances in which certain stains or general soils are not completely soluble in dry-cleaning solvent. Or, in many cases, better finishing results can be gained for the garment and fabric through an alternative process called wet-cleaning.

read more › Why use our Dry Cleaning Service? At Mac's Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Inc. our Tulsa dry cleaners route service takes all of the hassle our of running to the cleaners trying to keep that wardrobe in tip-top shape. Due to our streamlined focus on your needs and lower overhead we are able to offer our Tulsa laundry service below our retail prices. There is no cost to you because we supply your location with bags and invoices for you and your employees to fill out. All Tulsa cleaners orders are picked up and returned the following delivery day for the most convenient dry cleaners Tulsa has to offer.

read more › Our route customers enjoy the very special convenience of not having to make that special trip to the drycleaner. Once you're on our route, we designate a Pickup and Delivery Location (PDL) at your house. We issue two Top Priority nylon laundry bags and on your route days, you simply place your bag in the pickup and delivery location (PDL) by 8:00 A.M. Your Tulsa dry cleaners route driver checks the PDL, retrieves your bag, and delivers your clothing from the previous route day. Your clothing is returned the way you would expect from Mac's Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, Inc. with an invoice attached.

read more › I'm worried about my clothes being stolen. Has this ever happened? No! We have never had a case of a stolen bag or stolen returned clothing since we have been in Pickup and Delivery business. We pride ourselves as the cleaners Tulsa can depend and rely on. How do I select the Pickup and Delivery Location (PDL) at my house? Very simple. Together we choose a location that meets certain criteria. Some prefer through the side gate on the side of the house. Others have fairly secluded front entrances with good overhang to protect returned clothing in bad weather.

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