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CitruSolution The CitruSolution process is completely unique in the carpet cleaning industry. We clean carpeting using a powerful spot remover that we make ourselves from citrus peels. This is applied over your entire carpet then scrubbed to wick dust and dirt up and out. The process is fast-drying and doesn't leave you with any sticky residue to collect dirt later.

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read more › The First Step is to Pre-Spray the carpet with a light mist (slightly damp) of CitruSolution. Misting your carpet does not saturate, thus allowing it to dry quickly. We use a Backpack Sprayer to accomplish this, no truck-mounts, no hoses! First, it reaches deep in your carpet and pulls out all the Pet Hair, Dust, and Dirt that collects over time. This material is collected in the brush and bonnet and the excess is tossed out on top of the carpet for the vacuum to collect. Second, it thoroughly works through your carpet to activate the CitruSolution (previously misted on your carpet) to work on stains and brighten colors.

read more › Here you see the difference that carpet buffing makes. The buffer is literally blazing a clean trail through dirt, grime and spots while collecting soils on the brush and tossing the rest on top of the carpet. Super efficient process! A plethora of pet stains here. CitruSolution literally dissolves the stain issues and cleans up the pet hair to boot! Natural disinfectant and deodorant may also be used to help with cleanliness and offensive odors. Since the CitruSolution fluid is built from citrus peels it has an innate ability to help revive colors.

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