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When you are looking for the best in Denver drain cleaning, sewer inspection, kitchen and bathroom fixture repairs - we are your first choice. When your sewer line is clogged you need experienced, trustworthy drain cleaners to get the job done right. We have over 20 years of experience. Leaking hose bibs and sprinkler valves can leave you susceptible to high water bills and property damage.

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read more › Jimmy Rooter, LLC is a family owned and operated Drain Cleaning, Bathroom, & Kitchen Fixture Repair Business proud to be servicing the Denver, Colorado Metro area since 2009. We believe in building relationships with our Denver Metro area clients through trustworthy, reliable, and experienced service you can count on. Your home is treated as if it were our own and we continually strive to earn your referral and repeat business. Looking for a reliable, qualified vendor to perform installation, maintenance, drain cleaning, and repair services for your home?

read more › The last thing you need to worry about is someone installing it incorrectly and causing a leak or telling you they can't install it because a particular repair that needs to be done to accommodate the new appliance. We carry additional parts on our truck necessary to install your dishwasher correctly without delays.

read more › Bathroom tub, shower, and sink drains usually clog as a result of soap scum, toothpaste and hair. Toilet clogs can result from an accumulation of waste, foreign objects like toys, feminine products, paper towels, cotton swabs, and baby wipes. Paying careful attention to what does and doesn't go down your toilet can save a lot of frustration and cost in the future. If your washing machine overflows when it drains it is probably time to unclog the laundry line. Usually hair and lint over time will accumulate and cause a stoppage.

read more › A hydro jetter or "jetter" for short uses a high-pressure water stream through specialized nozzles that spray in multiple directions to clean the entire diameter of the drainpipe. Why jet your line instead of using a cable? Jetters are great for removing stubborn grease, sand, and debris that commonly stick to the walls of the sewer line and are more difficult to remove with a snake. A snake uses a flexible metal cable with various heads to puncture, grab, scrape, and cut through roots and debris.

read more › There are a lot of companies in the Denver metro area that want your sewer business so advertising low pricing is pretty common. Then once they get their foot in the door, reality sets in and they tell you all the extra pricing you will need to pay or even worse try to sell you a new sewer! How much experience do your technicians have? Jim Sr. & Jim Jr. of Jimmy Rooter have over 30 years of combined experience cleaning drains.

read more › A sump pump will assist in keeping ground water out of your basement. It operates when water in the pit rises to a certain height which causes the pump to turn on automatically and pump the water away from the home. The pump should be routinely checked to ensure it is operating properly and ready to protect your home from heavy rain and snow melt.

read more › A leaking outdoor faucet otherwise known as a hose bib or spigot is usually the result of the cold weather causing damage to the hose bib or the water supply line connected to it. A sprinkler shut off valve is a handle on the water line located inside your home that opens and closes the water supply to your sprinkler system. This line is normally shut off and winterized before the freezing weather in order to prevent freeze breaks and damage to your irrigation equipment. Pressure vacuum breakers also known as backflow preventers, located outside your house, allows water to flow from your household water supply to fill your sprinkler system and prevents water from your sprinkler system from flowing back into your household water supply.

read more › The purpose of a sewer scope inspection is to determine the condition of the property's sewer line and to see if the system is functioning properly. Common sewer line problems are root intrusion, holes, pooling or bellies, cracks, and pipe separation also know as offsets. Tree roots growing into sewer lines is a common problem. Roots crawl into tiny openings and expand in the sewer line, latching on to other debris that typically cause backups. Offsets can be an unfortunate result of ground shifting.

read more › Jimmy Rooter, LLC is a family owned and operated Arvada drain cleaning business located near the Arvada, Colorado area. Drain cleaning is not our only specialty, we also repair and replace kitchen and bathroom fixtures, scope and inspect sewer lines, and fix leaks too. We believe in building relationships with our Arvada drain cleaning or fixture repair clientele through trustworthy, reliable, and experienced service you can count on. Your home is treated as if it were our own and we continually strive to earn your referral and repeat business.

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