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Colorado Custom Stoneworks has extensive experience in working with all types of natural and manufactured stone. We provide installation and maintenance of natural and manufactured stone for commercial and residential properties. Colorado Custom Stoneworks specializes in custom installation of stone and tile as well as comprehensive maintenance. We know stone and are trained in the most advanced methods available to help preserve your stone's natural beauty.

Colorado Custom Stoneworks specializes in cleaning, patching, color matching and restoration of the grout in ceramic tile, natural stone and porcelain tile surfaces. We are experts in stone cleaning, sealing and restoration of all natural stone in the Denver area. We bring your stone back to life. At Colorado Custom Stoneworks we clean, polish, repair and restore all natural stone floors and surfaces to make them look like new.

Colorado Custom Stoneworks uses stone surface applications to refinish the surface of your natural stone.

read more › Even the most beautiful tile can appear dingy if the grout between the tiles is dirty, moldy or discolored. Colorado Custom Stoneworks are experts in grout cleaning, repair, replacement and restoration. Our service brings back the natural beauty of tile and stone. Let Colorado Custom Stoneworks identify and solve your tile and grout issues such as dirty grout, grout haze, improper sealing, inconsistent grout color, mold, mildew and stains. After evaluating your situation we go to work with our environmentally safe process to bring back the natural beauty of your stone and tile.

read more › Soap scum, dirt and residue can build up on tile over time. This leaves them looking dirty and dingy. With our experience, attention to detail and craftsmanship, even chips and cracked tiles can be repaired and restored to look like new. When tile floors, backsplashes and counter-tops are installed they're often left unsealed. Dirt, spills, and stains get trapped between the tiles. Our grout cleaning and sealing process prevents new stains from occurring. At the same time, our process also makes the tiles easier to clean.

read more › Many types of stone are stain and scratch resistant. Even so, all stone will eventually need expert care to maintain the look it had the day it was installed. Even granite needs special cleaning to look its best. Our stone restoration, cleaning and sealing service will give your natural stone the care it deserves. We have the expertise and know how to make your stone surfaces look like new. We not only clean all types of natural stone, we are also qualified to repair and seal the grout in your natural stone.

read more › When you want to change the look of your natural stone, Colorado Custom Stoneworks will use it's stone application process. This is an ideal solution to update and change the look of your stone. Stone polishing is a process used on stone where the aesthetic quality is of the stone is a concern. Stone polishing is a two-step process. First, we smooth the stone to remove imperfections. In step two, we polish the stone to give it a brilliant finish. Bush hammering gives a rustic rough finish to modify the appearance of the natural colors in the stone.

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