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We spent five years developing our industry recognized training program teaching the safest and healthiest cleaning practices. You can trust that your family, your pets, and your home will be safe with us. Our mission is to invest in our extraordinary staff in order to radiate positivity through our community one home at a time. It all starts with our staff.

We are at most 1 out of 140 applicants until we find that extraordinary person. We offer them a living wage and full benefits package. Supporting our staff results in a consistently trustworthy and dependable clean for you, leaving you in a better mood, and adding just a little bit to our community's overall positivity. Alpine Maids will be at your door for your scheduled cleaning, Green Seal Certified Products in tow!

This is our favorite step - the one where you get to sit back and enjoy your sparkling home. Eco-Friendly Cleaning - Every Alpine Maids clean is eco-friendly and uses Green Seal Certified products that keep your home safe.

We could not be Denver's favorite house cleaners without them! We hire one out of 140 applicants (less than 1%) and put them through a rigorous month-long training process and they do not graduate until they pass all written and on the job exams. And yes, we literally give them a cap and candy bar and graduate them from training. Here is a picture of

From basic recurring cleans to deep cleans to special requests and beyond, Alpine Maids has the cleaning services you need for a tidy, spotless home. Stop worrying about how you're going to spend your free time. Book us today for a customized clean that gets better every time! We believe in total transparency - when you book with us, you know exactly

Have you dug a hole and need help getting out? We're here to help Deep Cleaning Denver homes! Whether it's a Spring Cleaning or it's just been a while and you need to get back to a good starting point. Keeping up a room here and it isn't too bad, but if your baseboards have gone from white to brown it's going to take a deep clean to get you back to

Our service is different and is what sets us apart from the competition in the Denver area. Clients can book online at heir convenience and trust that a team of 30-day-trained, vetted, and expert maids are on the way to leave the residence flawless and shining like new. The maid team becomes your personal housekeeping team, and we do our best to send

Are you dreading having to come back to your old place once everything is already moved out only to spend hours cleaning? Want to be 100% sure you get that deposit back? Great, so do we! And we want to make it as painless as possible with our Denver move out cleaning package. Whether you are moving into a new home or moving out of your downtown apartment

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