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At Your Service Building Maintenance At Your Service Incorporated has earned a reputation throughout Southeast Florida for providing health-conscious quality cleaning services. As a full-service janitorial company, At Your Service delivers total cleaning solutions that provide happier, healthier offices spanning a wide variety of markets. Contact us today and discover why At Your Service has become Southeast Florida's first choice in commercial cleaning services.

The difference with AYS is that you are so quick to respond to issues, and don't let up until resolving the root cause. While I am familiar with the excellent job that your employees perform in our office, I was certain that no one could clean up the mess after some recent remodeling, but I was pleasantly surprised. Please extend my thanks to your staff for cleaning my home from top to bottom and putting my life back in order.

They should be commended for a job well done. Just a note to say Thank you so much for all of your help getting our office back into shape.

read more › Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, At Your Service Inc. specializes in providing quality healthy cleaning and customized services that address the specific needs of Class A facilities, Hospital and Health related facilities, and many other specialized commercial cleaning concerns. While traditional businesses throughout the corporate environment focus on growth and sales, Jim Azinheira, President and Owner of At Your Service, took a broader view. Convey sincerity, caring and reliability in all aspects of interaction with customers and fellow associates.

read more › We focus on janitorial contracts that provide a 30 day cancelation clause rather than the traditional one year. This is becau+se we feel we are obligated to earn your business every day. Our approach is to estimate based on necessary labor required to keep your facility at your level of clean, and we are committed to full transparency regarding the scope, scheduling, and pricing of our services. We strive to strike the ideal balance between cleaning scope and the client's available budget. Scheduling cleaning of individual areas according to traffic and usage, for example, can often lead to savings With At Your Service.

read more › People, processes and tools: each should support and enable the maximum effectiveness of the other. It's no secret that a motivated employee is a more productive employee. It's deeper than providing a paycheck: At Your Service places the right person in the right position, ensuring their success and client satisfaction. We start by strictly adhering to federal and state legal hiring practices, avoiding any problems and establishing an ethical base from the beginning. We celebrate individual success through motivational rewards, including our Employee of the Month program.

read more › The management model of At Your Service is designed to achieve optimal service provisioning. Simply put: our goal is to fulfill you needs without exception. By adhering to a policy of full transparency, At Your Service is able to develop long-term relationships with clients built on a foundation of trust. The scope, scheduling and pricing of our services are made abundantly clear, avoiding any 'surprises' or misunderstandings. We work with you to achieve an ideal balance between cleaning requirements and budget limitations, such as scheduling cleaning of individual areas according to traffic and usage.

read more › With 28% of the population suffering from indoor respiratory allergies, it's important to address the cause. One significant cause is dust mites. In fact, dust mites produce hundreds of millions of droppings each day in an average home or office, triggering many respiratory allergies. Avoidance - Reducing dark, damp places with still air will reduce places for mites to nest. Insist on a cleaning company that invests in micro-fiber cloths: the most effective way of trapping dirt, germs and micro-organisms.

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