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Maid 4u Cleaning Services We're here to help you make time for what's important. Whether you plan to bike to the beach, have drinks with friends, or spend time with the kids. While you're living, we're cleaning. Isn't it time to start living? Our premium initial service includes a complete deep cleaning of your entire home. This service takes a little longer to complete, it is the recommended start to a recurring service.

A perfect top-up between maintenance cleaning, it includes a load of laundry-wash, dry, fold, it's up to you-and some light cleaning. We're in and out in an hour and a half. Our move in/move out cleaning services allow you to focus on moving on and getting settled. We take care of the "dirty" work while you focus on a fresh start in a new place. Whether you choose a Top to Bottom Deluxe or Initial General-it is best to maintain that clean with a regularly scheduled Perfect Maintenance service.

Our professionally trained cleaners are also ready to handle your commercial cleaning needs. Our flexible scheduling system ensures our team shows up and does a great job, no more no-shows when you switch to MAID 4 U Cleaning!

read more › As a professional nanny for 20 years, I have worked in many homes and have seen many cleaners come and go. I assure you, I am no stranger to cleaning companies that fall short. Unreliable cleaners with low standards are too common. Fast forward a few years, I was considering a change in career. I wanted to be my own boss. I knew there was a need for professional cleaning services with high standards and strong staff. That's why I decided to open MAID 4 U. Our team is reliable and professional because we pay above industry rates, screen carefully, and care about our team members.

read more › Our Top-to-Bottom Deluxe cleaning tackles cob webs and dust, countertops and sinks, and kitchen and bathroom wipe down. We clean mirrors and wipe window sills. Clean your patio doors and take care of the floors. We empty the garbage and make your beds. The Initial General Cleaning is the basic cleaning required before beginning a maintenance cleaning schedule. We don't tackle as much as the Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning instead we ensure that the required tasks for maintenance are handled with some extras to ensure you're ready for a regular schedule.

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