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BBQ Cleaning Guru Our process is comprehensive: we pick up your grill on Monday for an intense, three-day restoration. Your grill will be inspected, and any necessary repairs will be made before it is polished and tested. In fact, our team takes care that your grill never even touches the ground when it is at our facility! Your grill will then be delivered back to you on Friday in perfect working condition.

It's the convenience of concierge service, brought to you by the experts at BBQ Cleaning Guru! You'll be amazed at what a difference de-greasing, deep cleaning, and even the smallest BBQ repairs can make. Custom American handmade quality barbecue covers available to extend the life of your grill and protect your investment. Did you know that we are the pioneers of "BUILT-IN" barbeque restoration?

No other company picks up your barbeque grill and cleans, repairs, restores and returns it looking and performing like new within the same week. You'll never miss a weekend barbeque! We thoroughly inspect each grill on-site before removal, and all of our repairs include the finest grill.

read more › It is our mission, our goal, to clean, repair and restore new and vintage grills in order to ensure safe barbecuing and the best tasting food directly from the grill. Restoration and refurbishing of older barbecues is what we do better than anyone else in the Valley of the Sun. In a short time, our efforts have allowed home grilling enthusiasts to realize the difference a clean and functioning grill can really make. We've also helped them to realize that barbecues that they think have seen better days may still have plenty of life in them.

read more › At BBQ Cleaning Guru, our mission has always been the same: to protect your investment and keep your grill working at peak performance. Throughout the Phoenix and surrounding areas, we expertly service outdoor BBQ grills from repairs to cleaning to ensure we uphold our commitment to our customers. Your outdoor grill sees a lot of action because the weather in Phoenix and Scottsdale is perfect for cookouts with family and friends. Why trust your grill with anyone but the very best? We're experts in the industry, with experience restoring top name brand grills.

read more › BBQ Cleaning Guru has a long-standing reputation as one of the most reliable BBQ restoration companies in the Valley. Our experts repair, restore and install outdoor grills and barbecues throughout Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Now, we can offer our customers even more! We know how important it is for homeowners to have dependable, long-lasting appliances, which is why we only carry the very best. We supply AOG products and BBQ parts because of their durability and superior functionality. With state-of-the-art cooking technology and stunning design elements, you'll love this new addition to your outdoor kitchen.

read more › At the BBQ Cleaning Guru we believe that seeing is believing, and this applies to the countless cleaning, repair and restoration jobs we've performed for many of your friends and neighbors. Here then are a few "Before and After" photographs of grills we've encountered in less than stellar shape, and the difference a visit from the BBQ Cleaning Guru can make. I just wanted to thank you for the work you did on the barbeque from hell. You made us all believers here. Frankly we almost gave up on the grill.

read more › Living in the Phoenix, AZ area and in search of a barbecue cleaning or repair service? BBQ Cleaning Guru offers top-of-the-line barbecue repair and cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ for built-in, luxury barbecues. Serving countless areas throughout the valley, BBQ Cleaning Guru is a trusted source for Phoenix residents in need of BBQ cleaning and repair services for their luxury grill. View our service area map for a larger view to learn if we can pick up your grill for restoration. We service the entire Phoenix metropolitan area!

read more › The BBQ Cleaning Guru is proud to offer barbecue grill covers that are handmade in the USA and offer maximum protection. Protecting your grill from the elements is essential. The inclusion of grill covers in the products and services we offer our customers is our way of helping your grill to lead a long and productive life and put off the need for grill restoration or repairs. Our covers are made from marine grade vinyl, and come in sizes to suit all outdoor grills up to 54 inches. The heavier material they are made from assures that they won't blow off during high winds or storms, and with many different colors to choose from you can find the one that best suits your backyard aesthetic.

read more › As your experts in barbecue cleaning, repair and restoration, the BBQ Cleaning Guru looks forward to the prospect of keeping your grill looking and performing its best. We go the extra mile in scheduling appointments at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home or business. We will contact you shortly to review all our services and answer any questions you may have.

read more › Do you offer grill cleaning services for all types of grills? We offer grill cleaning and BBQ cleaning services for many grills. Use our barbecue cleaning services for Viking grills and more. Barbeque cleaning at the BBQ Cleaning Guru uses only green cleaning products for BBQ grill restoration and grill repair. Does your BBQ cleaning service use environmentally friendly products? Our BBQ grill cleaning service uses green products! In addition to our barbecue cleaning services, we offer barbecue repair using quality grill parts, as well as barbecue restoration.

read more › We offer grill cleaning and BBQ cleaning services for makes and models across the board. Choose our barbecue cleaning services for Viking grills, Wolf grills, Lynx grills, DCS grills, Fire Magic grills and more. The barbeque cleaning experts at the BBQ Cleaning Guru use non-toxic, biodegradeable cleaning products whenever we can, and also perform BBQ grill restoration and grill repair using top-of-the-line barbeque parts. BBQ maintenance is vital to a long life for your grill, and our barbecue service professionals have made cleaning, repairing and restoring grills their mission.

read more › We perform BBQ repairs and grill repairs for homeowners throughout the Valley of the Sun. Barbecue repairs require experience, and our barbeque repair experts bring it to each job. A BBQ repair service and the right grill parts can keep your grill safer and make food taste better. Make the BBQ Cleaning Guru your source for BBQ parts and repair, and grill to your heart's content! Look to the BBQ Cleaning Guru for BBQ repair, cleaning and grill restoration for all home grilling enthusiasts We use only the finest parts for each repair we undertake, and look forward to getting your grill up to speed.

read more › Our BBQ grill cleaning service uses only green, on-toxic, biodegradeable products. As a full service barbecue cleaning service we'll de-grease and deep clean every part of our grill. In addition to our barbeque cleaning services, we also offer barbecue repair using state-of-the art grill parts, as well as barbecue restoration on grills from Viking, Wolf, Lynx, and more. Make BBQ maintenance a priority, and let us "green clean" your grill and BBQ parts to keep them looking great and functioning perfectly.

read more › Have your barbeque restored by the BBQ Cleaning Guru. When a BBQ grill is restored by us it works as good as new, which is why we're happy to offer barbeque restoration in addition to our barbeque cleaning and barbeque grill repair services. We perform grill restorations and barbecue repairs using state-of-the-art grill parts and the benefit of years of experience, and can restore vintage Lynx, DCS, and Viking grills, to name a few. We're here to clean, repair and restore, and to do so better than anybody else.

read more › Find out why The BBQ Cleaning Guru is your top choice for Chandler grill cleaning and grill repair. Get your grill in top sizzling shape with The BBQ Cleaning Guru's Chandler BBQ cleaning and BBQ repair services. Enlist the help of our barbecue cleaning or grill repair service to restore your grill to mint condition. But we aren't just a grill cleaning and repair company; we all handle grill installation, grill parts replacement, and more. Whether you're looking to restore an old grill or install a new grill, The BBQ Cleaning Guru can help.

read more › We want to be your Fountain Hills grill repair and restoration resource, and nobody does it better. Though we offer services ranging from BBQ cleaning and BBQ repair to grill installation, grill restoration is a service of ours that is gaining more and more popularity. You'll be amazed at what a BBQ restoration can do for your old grill. As a two-time winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award, you can count on our grill cleaning experts to have your grill looking as new as it did when it came out of the box.

read more › You can count on the BBQ Cleaning Guru for all your Gilbert grill cleaning and grill repair needs. The BBQ Cleaning Guru is your go-to source for Gilbert grill repair, grill cleaning and other services to keep your BBQ in tip-top shape. With our Gilbert BBQ cleaning and BBQ repair service, we can restore your grill to its very best. Our Gilbert barbecue cleaning and grill repair service can extend the life of your grill by years, potentially saving you hundreds, even thousands, on brand-new appliances.

read more › As your Mesa grill repair and restoration specialists we'll bring a wealth of experience to your project. The BBQ Cleaning Guru is a respected resource for Valley residents in need of grill restoration, BBQ repair, grill cleaning, grill installation and more. We are very skilled in the art of BBQ restoration, and are a two-time winner of the Angie's List Super Service award for outstanding customer service. The services we provide, be it restoring a BBQ or barbecue cleaning, are carried out by passionate and skilled professionals.

read more › From Paradise Valley grill repair to Paradise Valley grill cleaning, the BBQ Cleaning Guru can handle all of your Paradise Valley barbecue needs. Get your old grill back up and cooking with our Paradise Valley BBQ cleaning and BBQ repair services. Your top choice for barbeque cleaning and repair in Paradise Valley, The BBQ Cleaning Guru can help you save thousands on a replacement grill with our maintenance services. In addition to grill cleaning and repair, we can also handle grill installation, grill parts replacement and more.

read more › BBQ Cleaning Guru provides complete barbecue restoration services in Phoenix, AZ. We're experts on everything from cleaning to repair, so you know you're getting the best service possible. After a barbeque has seen endless cookouts, you may start to notice some wear and tear. This is to be expected, but you don't have to live with it! Phoenix homeowners can simply call BBQ Cleaning Guru to schedule their grill restoration service. Our team picks up your grill and takes it off site to complete the service.

read more › Grill cleaning and repair doesn't have to be a hassle thanks to the BBQ Cleaning Guru! Whether you are in North Scottsdale or Old Town, let BBQ Cleaning Guru help you get your grill ready for entertaining. Our team of experts takes pride in what we do. That's why our team of professionals does more than just grill cleaning and repairs - we breathe new life into your grill. Your grill will look and perform like new after an appointment with the experts at BBQ Cleaning Guru! We created our process with your needs in mind!

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