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OSA Specialized Cleaning OSA Specialized Cleaning (OSA) is a Phoenix based Arizona company that excels in cleaning food service kitchen ceilings and walls and open architecture high dusting. We are committed to providing specialized cleaning at a fair price while ensuring a clean and hospitable workplace for your most valuable asset: your employees. OSA understands that your special cleaning needs are our responsibility.

With our attention to detail, particular training and specialized equipment and materials, you can be confident your business appearance is in the hands dedicated cleaning professionals. We offer services that concentrate our skills on cleaning the two areas of commercial properties that often are the areas that need the most cleaning attention. Our experienced and well-trained crews will leave your property clean and dust free.

Your customers will appreciate your attention to detail as well. We serve customers throughout the state. In an industry where decisions are often based solely on price, we deliver outstanding specialized cleaning at a reasonable rate.

read more › OSA Specialized Cleaning (OSA) is a licensed dealer of Ceiling Pro International, Inc. (CPI), a Minneapolis based company that has been in the ceiling cleaning industry for almost 30 years. CPI has created and perfected a proprietary system for cleaning difficult to clean surfaces, whether they be in restaurants or other industrial applications. OSA's primary focus is on any food preparation kitchen ceiling and FRP wall cleaning with the primary concentration on the restaurant industry. OSA has received hands on training from CPI and from time to time, when the need arises, CPI will provide additional support to assist OSA address a peculiar or unusual cleaning situation.

read more › Architects have popularized the open ceiling concept in a wide variety of commercial properties from retail clothing outlets to grocery stores. While this style of construction has a certain visual appeal, the HVAC tubes, conduits and structural components collect a considerable amount of dust. The accumulated dust may present an eyesore to both store management and customers. The foremost opponent of the exposed open structure of this type of ceiling is gravity. After a certain period of time the accumulated dust, cobwebs and sundry airborne things will gain sufficient mass that it will fall to the floor.

read more › OSA has cleaned our call center most completely despite the number of employees we have in the area and the creative messes they can make. Our work space is always ready for us each morning and their work is appreciated. OSA has been our janitorial provider for over five years. On certain occasions we have had an urgent need of immediate service, such as an inspection or customer visit, and OSA has been there when we needed them. OSA has cleaned our retail property for the last ten plus years and has done an excellent job.

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