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We provide complete car wash services at the comfort of your location. WE COME TO YOU, saving you valuable time and money. We are licensed and insured. Only the Highest Quality Car Care Products Are Used And We Guarantee Your Satisfaction. All the necessary detailing amenities are provided in addition to our well-trained technicians. You get to choose from our basic, intermediate, all the way to the top of the line premium packages.

We clay prep all the exterior painted surfaces to remove harmful contaminants and ensure quality wax shammy shine, that last for a long period of time. Freshbuzz Cleaners has been serving central Columbus and its surroundings since 2004, providing professional carpet cleaning and auto detailing services. We offer supreme services, clean, deodorize and protect carpet using quality products and equipment.

OUR DOUBLE CLEAN PROCESS, The only answer when you are in doubt, permanent removal of stains and soiled carpet. The combination of STEAM and ENCAPSULATION cleaning.

read more › Freshbuzz cleaners provide professional services for residential, commercial and investment properties. Over 15 years experience in the cleaning industry, serving central Columbus and its surroundings. New machinery and techniques ensure thorough cleaning at an affordable price with guaranteed satisfaction. Ample time is given to all our cleaning assignments, We don't compromise on service in order to get to the next appointment. The introduction of the "The Double clean process"; the innovation of encapsulation cleaning technology and Hot water ( Steam ) extraction from truck mounted equipment, the manufactures solution for long term carpet maintenance.

read more › Auto detailing services right on-site at your home or your office, bringing everything we need to perform the job to your satisfaction. Add Headlight Restoration starting @ $49.99. Highly recommended if attempting to sell your vehicle and increase night visibility by up to 90 percent! Most thorough detailing package for your vehicle's EXTERIOR including paint correction combined with INTERIOR services. Service time: approximately 4 man-hours, depending on condition and number of technicians.

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