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Sparkling Solar Cleaning For half a decade, Sparkling Solar Cleaning has been helping residents and businesses with a variety of specialized cleaning and maintenance services. Sparkling Solar is an environmentally responsible company and we use only Eco friendly products. At Sparkling Solar we understand the severity of the California drought, that's why we use a minimal amount of water necessary to effectively clean your solar panels, leaving them sparkling!

This is potentially the worst method home owners can use, it actually damages your solar panels. How? Here in the central valley we have very hard water, this means deposits of calcium, magnesium and minerals such as limestone, chalk and dolomite are in our water. When using this water to clean panels it leaves deposits on you panels and can deteriorate the gaskets, and deposits left behind are a big contributor to solar panel shading.

The hard water deposits not only shade you panels, resulting in lost energy, but it attracts even more dust. At Sparkling Solar we use a method that is custom in the solar cleaning industry.

read more › Taylor Montilepre is the CEO and founder of Sparkling Solar Cleaning, a full service solar panel cleaning company in Bakersfield that services residents, businesses and large commercial buildings alike. He is responsible for the company's overall vision and strategy as well as our day-to-day operations and you'll be sure to see him on every job site to ensure the job is done professionally, accurately and safely. Since the beginning, Taylor has focused on simplicity and solving the most common solar panel cleaning problems so that he can give his clients the highest quality service and end product.

read more › One rooftop at a time! Sparkling Solar Cleaning has been providing Bakersfield and Kern County residents, businesses and commercial buildings with our expert solar panel cleaning and maintenance programs. We are also the company that most Bakersfield solar installation companies hire and contract to clean and maintain their leased solar panels. For more information call us at (661) 717-6424. Sparkling Solar offers routine maintenance services to ensure you get the most out of your solar panels and protect your investment.

read more › Through the years of cleaning rooftop solar panels, we have learned that solar panels on rooftops is creates an ideal environment for pigeons and other pest. We are now offering solar panel bird deterrent and solar panel pest barriers. Our pest deterrents and barriers are designed to prevent birds and pests from accessing the area underneath the solar arrays. Birds and other pests are so attracted to solar panels because provide shade, the offer security from predators, and its easy entry and exit.

read more › Sparkling Solar Cleaning is the number one solar panel cleaning resource in Bakersfield. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people throughout Bakersfield and Kern County with their solar panel cleaning needs. We tailor design a cleaning and maintenance schedule to fit your needs and your exact location so that you get the most out of your solar panels. Call us at (661) 717-6424. Sparkling Solar Cleaning utilizes a unique cleaning technique which leaves your solar panels sparkling, spotless and streak free.

read more › Everything requires power. And what better way to power than by using your very own solar energy provided by the sun. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Simply put, solar cells are made of a material that absorbs a portion of the light's energy and frees electrons - semiconductor. The flow of the electrons is controlled by electric fields. If metals are placed above and/or below the solar cells, energy can be drawn from the electric current and can be used to power devices.

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