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Today's strict emissions regulations mean that DPF Cleaning and DPF retrofits are crucial for most diesel operators. Whether you are an independent owner-operator, or company with a large fleet, CDS Services will help you get in compliance. If you arrived here after searching for DPF Cleaning Near Me, you have found the right page. Clean Diesel Specialists strives to achieve the highest level of customer service through efficiency, integrity and quality workmanship.

On top of that, our ever expanding nationwide DPF and DOC Service Network is streamlined to provide you with the parts and service you need to get you back on the road quickly.

read more › Sourcing, Warehousing, and the distribution of & "available now" aftermarket filters, replacement parts and supplies. Service. Completed promptly, effectively, expertly, consistently, by trained CDS certified technicians. They're committed to deliver outcomes that exceed expectation, extend filter life, and optimize economic return. The CDS "One Touch" service to settlement fleet program reduces AP labor, administration and operating overhead. Our system secure asset documentation and service history database allows you to identify proactive - cost efficient cleaning intervals.

read more › Clean Diesel Specialists first opened its doors for business in 2008. For years we have watched diesel-powered vehicles spew contaminated exhaust into the air. Environmental agencies have finally established guidelines that require diesel-powered vehicles to eliminate Particulate Matter and NOX. Our job as Clean Diesel Specialists is to use innovative new technologies, partners, and products to reduce diesel fuel's Carbon Footprint on our environment and service these units that trap it. Breathe easy with Clean Diesel Specialists.

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