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If you're here then there's a good chance you're in need of a professional Blind cleaning service and that just so happens to be our speciality amongst other things. We hope you find what you're looking for on our site and if there's something else you need that is not listed just drop us a line. By utilizing state-of-the-Art Ultrasonic technology which uses powerful, yet harmless sonic sound waves for superior blind cleaning and to improve the internal mechanics and functionality of your blinds.

Our blind cleaning also removes biological contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, odors, smoke/nicotine, pollen, pet dander and other germs that cause allergies thus improving the indoor air quality of your home or office environment. When you decide to have your window coverings cleaned, the blinds are removed from the windows by our professional technicians, washed in a Ultrasonic tank where the sound waves in the water thoroughly wash the slats, the strings, and mechanisms.

They are then rinsed, dried and rehung back in the original window opening.

For over 20 years, Terry has been cleaning, repairing and selling window coverings for both residential and commercial clients in Bakersfield, Ca with expert services for just about any window treatment. We strive to bring the ultimate service to our clients. Our technicians and trained specialists are courteous and will provide an experience you'll

Ultrasonics is a method of cleaning your blinds and shades through the use of sound waves. It is fast, gentle, efficient, and safe. No dangerous chemicals are involved in the cleaning process. Ultrasonics cleans the vanes/slats of the blinds, head rail, as well as the cords, strings and wand. Your blinds are like new again! Once blinds are washed they

Cleaning your blinds yourself can not only be frustrating and time consuming and can result in scratching the finish, breaking the slats and damaging the cords not to mention you still have odors and allergens that are embedded in to the finish. Pressure washing and steam cleaning along with harsh household cleaners can be harmful to the blinds plus

Seven years ago my husband and I moved into our home and had blinds installed. Our blinds had always been cleaned by hand by our house cleaners. A neighbor of ours raved about a job she had done by Premier Mobile Blind Cleaning so we gave them a call and were very pleased with the results. They took the blinds down, cleaned and replace them. Wow, what

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