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The Carpet Tender Serving Northern Nevada since 1986, The Carpet Tender is the leading surface cleaning company in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Incline Village. The Carpet Tender is family owned and operated and uses the best equipment to offer you the finest cleaning available. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

read more › Service is our most important product. Our customers expect and shall receive maximum service effort. We shall maintain the highest regard for service in every form. When a customer has a need, we shall use every asset and avenue provided to us for fulfilling the need. We shall never fail to recognize that no detail is too small, no discrepancy too insignificant and no question too trivial if it breaks the chain of events that leads to the loss of a customer. We are here because of our customers - our customers are not here because of us.

read more › The Carpet Tender has highly trained technicians who can safely clean your air ducts and vents. Air duct systems have been shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants that could affect your health. Dirt, dander, pollen, dust mites, and other airborne contaminates get pulled into your duct system every time your heater or air conditioner runs, causing indoor air pollution. Improve your indoor air quality and have your heater and air conditioner run more effectively by having your air ducts cleaned regularly.

read more › Dusting and Inspection: Most rugs are processed through our area rug dusting machine. It is designed to remove as much loose dirt and dust as possible. The rugs are fed through a bed of tamping bars allowing the heavy soils to fall into the catch basin in the bottom, while at the same time having the large HEPA filter vacuum system remove the air-born dust. At this point, the rugs are ready for the washing process. Washing: All rugs are washed separately to avoid cross contamination of soils and dyes.

read more › The Carpet Tender can also fabricate custom stair runners or individual stair treads. A very common request that the Carpet Tender recieves is turning leftover carpet scraps from installations, into walk-off mats or entry rugs. If you, your contractor or designer would like to go over some ideas, please feel free to give us a call or come in and see us. Do you have an area rug that is looking tattered and worn? The Carpet Tender has the ability to perform several types of repairs, including: serging (sewing), binding, patching, fringe replacement, and installing new felt or rubber backing.

read more › Is your carpet looking dull or dirty? The Carpet Tender can make it look new and smell fresh. The Carpet Tender's incredibly powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction units successfully remove the most soil and have a faster dry time. We bring our own filtered soft water, and we take away the dirty water when we're done. Don't settle for dirty carpet! The Carpet Tender specializing in residential carpet cleaning. One of our professional technicians can come out to your location and assess the area(s) you want cleaned and give you a quote for cleaning your carpets.

read more › The Carpet Tender now offers value pricing on high quality carpeting, vinyl, and laminate flooring at competitive pricing. We can provide you with quality flooring products without any bait and switch tactics. The Carpet Tender's professionally trained technicians will install your carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring in a timely manner and all installations are guaranteed! Let our professional team ensure that your flooring is installed correctly. We have been serving Reno, Sparks, and Carson City since 1986.

read more › Revitalize your tile or stone floors and counter tops with our deep cleaning and protection services. Do you have a stone or tile surface that is looking dull? Natural stone and standard grout should be protected with sealers to help maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the stone and grout, but sometimes these surfaces need a thorough cleaning. With the Carpet Tender's highly trained technicians, truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment, and the proper cleaning solutions, you get the best cleaning possible.

read more › The Carpet Tender can offer you in-home maintanence cleaning or, we can bring it in to our specialized in-plant cleaning facilities. This allows us to have complete control of the cleaning for heavily soiled or special fabric conditions. Heavily soiled fabrics often require more than one cleaning to achieve the best results. Some fabrics can prove to be very difficult to clean in your home and require special attention to the side effects such as bleeding, shrinking or browning. If you have quality furniture that is worth saving, you can count on The Carpet Tender for your reupholstery needs.

read more › No matter how dynamic the fiber design, how superb the construction or how exceptional the performance test results. Tracked-in soil is your biggest problem because it carries throughout the house. If you can keep tracked in soil to a minimum you can reduce dirt build-up and ultimately decrease the frequency of periodic professional cleanings. Routine Vacuuming with properly maintained, quality equipment is the single most important step you can take to extend the life and appearance of carpet.

read more › Recently had damaged my carpet with Clorox. I had remnants for the repair but with Carlos's knowledge, I took his advice for the repair and did not need the remnant. The repair came out beautiful. I cannot even tell where the bleach spots were. I am a perfectionist and it looks fantastic and I cannot be happier. I felt safe with Carlos. I'd like to the office personnel and the carpet cleaning staff for helping me arrange the carpet cleaning at my home as well as at the two apartments for my friends.

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