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Derby Cleaning Service Now using the worlds leading "van mounted" hot water jet washing machines, ozone friendly and 100% cleaning results on all interior & exterior cleaning. We cover much of the central part of the UK including Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. If you would like to find out if we cover your area please call us: 01332 835331.

Our machines are the latest in design & technology, increasing our power to clean even the toughest areas at any distance. Our pipes go as far as we need them to and as well as household customers, we provide a service for any commercial or industrial premises. Our van mounted machines produce powerful vacuum and instant hot water to the carpets & furnishings

Carpets are firstly pre-sprayed, using an effective product, to loosen and remove any soiling beneath the fibres of the furnishings. The "van mounted" machine is then used producing the highest power and instant hot water to clean deep down into the furnishings, thus removing all the dirt & grime thats hidden deep down. The machine then removes all

Using hi-tech commercial machines, driveways and all exterior hard surfaces can be cleaned to a 100% standard. We offer all types of services for these areas: re-sanding can be brushed back over the surface of patios & block paving once cleaning is complete. Re-sealing of the surface can be done using a very reputable product. This product acts as a

As well as removing the stubborn grime on the actual flooring/tiles, this machine completely removes all grime attached to the grout, bring the grout back to its original colour immediately. This process is fast and now can be done in half the time. There is no residue left on completion and we offer a variety of products for when the cleaning process

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