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Cleantopia Dry Cleaners We're sincerely thank for our customers using our CLEANTOPIA DRY CLEANERS since 2003. We'll continue to try our best to satisfy our customers with effort, research. We only allowed "NON TOXIC" chemical "ECO- Friendly" and we do everything on the "PREMISES" for customers convenience and trust, customers satisfaction is our priority. Cleantopia is amazing and by far the best Dry Cleaners in the Buckhead Area.

Professional quality work and service. I've been coming for over 5 years and never had a issue very efficient and friendly. I would highly recommend you visit this place for all your cleaning and alterations needs. I've been going here for about 2 years now, but most recently I had a leather jacket tailored, in 2 days! Fast and friendly service, some of the BEST tailoring in town, and a drive thru.

Why would you go anywhere else? Thanks for taking such good care of me and my clothes Cleantopia! In our store, professionals with more than 10years of experience ironing and cleaning laundry shirts and clothes.

read more › By using our computerized washing machines and pure clean water, your garments will be cleaned like never before! All of the solvents and conditioners used are safe for the environment, and kind to sensitive skin. All garments are then double inspected for quality of pressing, stain removal, and minor repairs all at no extra charge. Tissues are also put into the garment sleeves to prevent wrinkling, and wrapped in our thick plastic bags to protect the press job. Our shirts are washed using special solvents to minimize shrinkage and prevent fading.

read more › Professional wet cleaning consists of the following key elements: computer-controlled washers and dryers, specialized detergents and solvents, trained and skilled personnel, and specialized finishing equipment for garment pressing. Computerized wet cleaning machines allow for precise measurements and mechanical control, which may be programmed with various settings that are specific to each fabric's needs. Some of these settings include adjusting water and drying temperatures, controlling moisture levels in dryers, and changing water and detergent volumes.

read more › Special days only come once in a lifetime, here at CLEANTOPIA Cleaners we understand the preciousness and value of your wedding gown. As a symbol of one of the most important days of your life, we make sure that each gown is individually hand washed for vibrancy and preservation. Every wedding gown is given professional attention by our highly trained staff, with necessary precautions taken to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace. After a thorough inspection, wedding gowns are carefully pressed, and sealed with tissue in our acid-free boxes.

read more › Area rugs of all sizes are thoroughly cleaned using portable equipment or truck mount systems. Steam extraction with detergent is used to rinse out dirt and soils, leaving rugs clean and vibrant. Stubborn spots that are not removed by the normal cleaning process are pretreated using an arrangement of different cleaning agents. Vibrant colors are again restored keeping in mind the integrity and longevity of the rugs. Carpets that are inside the home are cleaned in the same fashion as our area rugs.

read more › We offer a specialist service to both the hospitality and healthcare sectors, and include contract laundry/dry cleaning for both staff and guests. is a new service brand created to replace the complacency in the sector with fresh and innovative ideas to boost revenue and customer satisfaction. We know you pride yourselves on your customer experience from the time of booking to check out. We are a company that prides itself on rigorous quality control, efficiency, customer service and a competitive pricing structure.

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