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Rugs and carpeting instantly provide a comforting atmosphere and rich sense of color in any home. But to help maintain them - as well as your family's health - it's important to have them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Our cleaning services are affordable and satisfying using ozone-friendly cleaning products, implementing professional green cleaning methods using latest cleaning technology - Let us be your local carpet cleaner in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Our proven record of experience and service means you can feel totally confident when you pick up the phone and contact us. Let our staff of skilled professionals come to your home or office and work their magic. They'll get the job done smoothly and efficiently-to your absolute satisfaction. You'll be impressed by the great results and pleased by our courteous and individualized service.

Among our technology you will find professional carpet cleaning machines that make dry carpet cleaning and carpet steam cleaning tasks easier.

read more › Our Carpet Cleaning Experts has been servicing customers like you for years. Your carpets are on of the most important assets in your home or office. The longer your carpet remains soiled, the more permanent the damage becomes. Soil is an abrasive and needs to be removed on a regular basis. Regular carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpet. Additionally professional carpet cleaning will also improve the indoor air that you and your family breathe. Your carpet is your homes largest air filter.

read more › You can trust us to clean, re-fresh and revive each piece. Like so many things in your home or office, every piece of upholstered furniture is unique and requires special care. When it comes to sofa cleaning, "A1 Carpet Clean" homeowners are catching on to the importance of fabric protectors. Manufacturers and retailers apply protectors to help your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer. But with normal wear, this protection wears off over time. We employ an exclusive upholstery fabric cleansing system that includes a specially formulated pH balancing fiber rinse that removes the deepest of dirt and grime along with any residual cleaning solution.

read more › Carpet Cleaning Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" specialize in treating delicate rugs of all kinds, including Persian, Pakistani, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, Silk, antique and handmade. From inexpensive area rugs to Persian or Orientals, we can clean them. Area rugs can be a large investment and we and will treat your area rug like a piece of art. Whether cleaned at your home or place of business or taken to our shop, all area rugs will be put through a several step cleaning process that includes vacuuming, pre spotting, cleaning, and drying.

read more › With industry know how and service you can trust on our Carpet Cleaning Experts will solve every issue you need remedied for residential carpet cleaning. When you need carpet cleaning and expert care here in "A1 Carpet Clean". We offer a variety of residential carpet cleaning options so that we address your every need. A large percentage of people feel that vacuuming is a good defense in carpet care and protection. But, mites, germs and soil inside of your carpeting that greatly contributes to health issues like allergies.

read more › Finding the right commercial carpet cleaners is no easy task. Whilst there are many companies on the market providing cleaning services, you want to work with a company that will meet all of your business needs. Our Carpet Cleaning Experts commercial cleaning service covers thousands and thousands of square feet every month, across Los Angeles and Orange County. Your home carpeting probably endures far less foot traffic than a carpet in a commercial environment, yet still it suffers from normal wear & tear.

read more › According to the American Air Quality Association, Indoor Air Pollution is wide spread. You are more likely to get sick from pollution in your home and office than from pollution in the air outside. Your home's air is 5 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. Allergies and sinus conditions are commonly caused by mold in the ductwork, bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust mites in your home's air. Carpet Cleaning Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" consistently invests in the most modern technology and air duct cleaning equipment to rid your home of the dirt, bacteria, dust and debris that has built up in your air ducts.

read more › Carpet Cleaning Experts at A1 Carpet Clean - Add Warmth to Your Home With Wall-To-Wall Carpet. Wall-to-wall carpet has become synonymous with warmth, offering a comfort available from no other type of flooring. Wall-to-wall carpeting offers peace and quiet because it absorbs noise and unwanted sounds. Your body feels warmer and stays safer with every step you take, virtually eliminating the risk of slipping and falling. The decision to buy and install a new carpet is a big one: You have to find the right combination of style, performance and budget to best meet the needs of your lifestyle.

read more › In-between buying a new carpet and throwing out an old one, there is a third alternative: Carpet Repair & restretching. No matter how well you take care of your carpet, buckling happens as a result of everyday wear and tear. Although inconvenient, however, buckling is not a cause for a new carpet. Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" are able to determine which method of restretching is best-suited for your needs and can keep your carpet in top shape for years to come. Also, a wall-to-wall carpet should be regarded as a wise investment that raises the value of the house.

read more › Strong and unpleasant odors can build up in your carpet for any number of reasons. Pets, water damage, everyday wear and tear, and spills and stains are just a few of the reasons that your surfaces can emit bad smells. Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" can deodorize your carpet and keep you house smelling pleasantly clean. Also, deodorizing carpets, upholstery and area rugs adds an extra layer of protection to your surfaces, helping slow down the return of odors. The best time to deodorize your surfaces is immediately after a professional cleaning.

read more › We're prepared anytime you are in need of tile and grout service cures anywhere in the Los Angeles and Orange County area to provide you fresh and clean flooring. Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" provides Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning to restore your tile and grout to its original color. Our hot water pressure cleaning system cuts through years of built-up dirt, grime, germs, and grease. We use minimum residue cleaning solutions formulated for maximum results. Grout Color Sealing Process protects your grout lines for years to come.

read more › Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" - We put a lot of time and effort into keeping our homes beautiful. If something is dirty, we clean it. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live and breed in your mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, and carpets. They thrive in warm, moist conditions and can number into the millions. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, but their effects can be seen everywhere. These are all symptoms typical of dust mite infestation. Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that human beings shed every day, and leaving behind their excrement.

read more › Quick Cure for Pet Accidents - A Fresher Home with Carpet Cleaning Experts of A1 Carpet Clean. Your lovely carpet (or other home furnishing) can be easily tarnished by a pet stain. To make matters worse, you now have to endure the unpleasantness and embarrassment of a pet stain odor. We, at "A1 Carpet Clean", want to help all pet owners care for their pets as well as keep their homes fresh. Because we care for our clients, we use organic, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions that ensure your pets stay healthy and the planet does too.

read more › The best way to protect your carpet, rug and upholstery and keep it fresh and clean, for many years to come, is to apply our Scotchgard for maximum protection. Save time with more effective vacuuming. Dirt is much more easily released by vacuuming after your carpet and upholstery have been treated with Scotchgard Protection. Your home carpeting probably endures far less foot traffic than a carpet in a commercial environment, yet still it suffers from normal wear & tear. Offices, hotels and other public spaces see hundreds or thousands of feet a day, and require a far higher level of maintenance.

read more › Using the latest techniques and solutions, we have an excellent success rate. Common stains, such as from red wine, chewing gum, water marks, and coffee have all been treated with success. We can even remove tough tar damage. Because we, at "A1 Carpet Clean", constantly update our carpet stain removal methods and carpet cleaning equipment, we guarantee that your fine fabrics will be cared for with the best carpet stain removal methods available. We are experts at stain removal and love to see the great results with our customers!

read more › Water damage is the most likely cause of damage to your property. Damage can be caused by flooding, fire, burst pipes, sewer backups, ice dams or rainstorms. Most homeowners claim they have experienced losses due to water damage. Experts at "A1 Carpet Clean" will dry your affected areas quickly, effectively, leaving your property looking new again. Additionally, we use a state-of-the-art process process, which is the least disruptive, fastest and cost efficient drying method available. Failure to take action in drying water damaged areas properly and thoroughly can cause unpleasant odors, potential secondary damage from mold and bacteria growth and damaged property.

read more › Carpet cleaning when done right can remove a lot of the dirt that accumulates on your carpet. However, there are some times when you have an accident (such as a wine, coffee, or other spill) and you need to get a stain out right away before it sets in. This is when you need to have a carpet cleaning product that you can rely on. It's important to get to stains quickly because most people have medium- to light-colored carpets, and if they are stained, they can really look awful. Plus, you also don't want the stains to set in so that they never come out.

read more › Your time is extremely valuable. You don't have any to waste on methods that don't work. Today's carpet is more stain resistant and durable than ever, making it easier to clean and maintain. So save time by zeroing in on the best cleaning techniques and identify products and equipment you will need - those tested and approved by CRI - to get the results you want. In addition, when seeking a professional to do the deep cleaning, consult CRI's list of Seal of Approval (SOA) Service Providers - companies committed to using products and equipment approved by CRI.

read more › Steam cleaning is probably the most common method of carpet cleaning, and this is a technique for carpet cleaning that is offered by many Sydney carpet cleaning, and Central Coast carpet cleaning professionals. Steam cleaning is generally what people think of when they think of carpet cleaning and it is done by using a soap-and-water solution that is scrubbed into the carpet and then extracted, with all the dirt, grime and other materials that get into the carpet. Most carpet cleaning service companies use this method of cleaning the carpet.

read more › If you've walked into your home lately and been greeted by something other than your spouse, you might want to think about doing a deeper clean. When smells begin to arise in your home, it's often a sign that you have dirt or bacteria build up in your furniture pieces and in your rugs, causing an odor. For your health and the healthy of everyone else in your home, it's time to get rid of the stink. This will give you an idea of whether or not the smell is a superficial occurrence or if you need to clean deeper in order to get rid of it.

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