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If you're a home or business owner in San Jose, CA in need of work on your property, Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service is here for you. We provide outdoor cleaning services and exceptional customer service. In 60 seconds, you can book a time that works for you and schedule a time as early as tomorrow. Whether cleaning for an occasion or for neighborhood pride, Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service appreciates our customers and gives back.

Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service is proud to offer bundled services with a 10% discount for our customers who appreciate value. Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service is proud to offer a 10% discount to our customers who have been referred by family, friends, and neighbors. Homeowners in San Jose, CA have been choosing us for years. Why? Because we provide customer service that is unlike anything else in the outdoor cleaning industry.

We take an interest in our customers and provide quality service. If you're looking to touch up a few areas of your home so that it is more presentable, be sure to contact us for a price quote.

read more › At Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service, we have ample experience servicing homes in San Jose, CA. Being from the Bay Area ourselves gives us a unique appreciation for helping our friends and neighbors with their home maintenance needs. Working with home and business owners to create strategies that will lengthen the lives of their home and businesses. Cleaning, scrubbing, cutting, washing, helping. Spending time with family, cooking, reading about new techniques, researching new products, cleaning equipment.

read more › If you live in San Jose, CA and are beginning to notice debris accumulate in your gutters, you should strongly consider professional servicing. Gutter cleanings are the service request that we receive most often from residents in San Jose, CA. We will work to remove debris and bird feces from your gutters to prevent clogging. This will ensure that water can run freely and drain properly, reducing the risk of flooding on your property or leaks in your roof. If we have just cleaned your gutters, or you are worried about debris piling up, we can take steps to protect your gutters from future damage.

read more › No matter if your roof is made of tile or composite, Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service has the experience necessary to keep roofs clean for home and business owners in San Jose, CA area. We can disinfect, blow leaves, and remove heavy debris. We have multiple methods that we use to help increase the longevity of roofs, no matter what kind of material they're made of. We offer a 10% discount when you pair protection services with cleaning services. Residents in San Jose, CA should not wait until dirt and debris have accumulated, or significant damage has occurred, to address their roof problem.

read more › Home and business owners in San Jose, CA should be particularly concerned about the damage that pigeons and other birds can do to their roof. Bird control is essential not only to your home but for the health of your family as well. At Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service, we are well-trained when it comes to bird control, having spent years evaluating homes in San Jose, CA for signs of nesting. There's a good chance that when cleaning your gutters, we'll also discover you need bird and pigeon control services as well.

read more › Residents in San Jose, CA who have solar panels on their homes or places of business must ensure they care for the equipment properly. For solar panels to work correctly, residents living in San Jose, CA must ensure that they keep their boards clean. At Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service, we have years of experience cleaning solar panels, which means you can trust us when working with these expensive pieces of equipment. Keeping your panels clean allows them to absorb more energy. It's obvious that solar panels are built to withstand the sun, but those utilizing these tools should also make sure that they can withstand the elements.

read more › Homeowners across San Jose, CA tend to find that dirt builds on their houses quickly. At Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service, we provide home cleaning services to ensure your home remains presentable. With state-of-the-art power washers and other similar tools, we can keep your house clean, no matter what type of material the exterior consists of. In addition to keeping the sides of your house clean, you should also ensure that your windows stay clean. If you do not clean your windows routinely, dirt and dust can end up scratching the glass and causing permanent blemishes.

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