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Tyrol Commercial Cleaning With over 30 years of experience, our staff has been trained to provide optimal cleaning services in any efficient time frame. Customers can rest assured Tyrol Commercial Cleaning will create a clean and sterile work environment, covering your facility, at all times. Tyrol Commercial Cleaning provides our Pittsburgh-based clients with a step-by-step breakdown of what we do in order to provide the best commercial cleaning service in all of Western Pennsylvania.

When it comes to quality and customer satisfaction, Tyrol never disappoints. Our EPA-approved cleaning agents and eco-friendly strategies, make us one of the most environmentally conscious cleaning companies in the nation. We believe in safe and effective strategies that create a sterile environment without hurting natural resources in the process.

Many businesses looking for Pittsburgh commercial cleaning services do not realize the time, effort, and knowledge that is required for general cleaning practices. At Tyrol Cleaning, we make it our priority to provide excellent janitorial options for our clients and going above what other cleaners offer.

read more › Tyrol, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leading commercial cleaning services company with over 25 years of experience, meeting the janitorial and building maintenance needs of a wide array of corporations, small companies and retail locations. We are renowned for our expertise in commercial cleaning through our incomparable environmentally friendly service. We continuously strive to develop new and innovative cleaning solutions to enhance the work environments of our customers. Our intense janitorial service training programs, superior on-site management, and the respect we show our customers and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the janitorial service needs and goals of our clients.

read more › Tyrol Commercial Cleaning developed this policy to reduce exposure of building occupants and custodial personnel to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that adversely impact air quality or impede occupants' well-being. In short, we want to control the health-negative components within the indoor as well as the outdoor environment. Educating, training, and motivating custodial staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner. Ensuring that all custodial staff is aware of their responsibilities in implementing this environmental policy.

read more › Tyrol Commercial Cleaning's training program is in-depth and hands-on. Our hard working and knowledgeable program managers are responsible for training all cleaning associates, which takes place, on-site, prior to their actual start date. Tyrol's experience in the cleaning industry has proven that our philosophy of training people "the right way", the first time, increases customer satisfaction during the length of a contract. Training our cleaning associates, correctly, from day one, assures that each program manager and cleaning associate understand and accept each and every aspect of their specialized duty for the account.

read more › The efficiency with which Tyrol Commercial Cleaning operates depends largely on how effectively we manage our personnel. Effective personnel administration begins with programs that recruit employees for jobs compatible with their abilities and encourages the development of these employees. We use skilled, consistent and reliable individuals. Tyrol strives to provide an atmosphere for motivation so that each employee will contribute his or her maximum performance to the team effort. Planning the work so that cleaning associates understand, perform and meet their work objectives.

read more › Many businesses looking for Pittsburgh commercial cleaning services do not realize the time, effort, and knowledge that is required for general cleaning practices. At Tyrol Cleaning, we make it our priority to provide excellent janitorial options for our clients and going above what other cleaners offer. For general cleaning services, we focus on four tasks that we feel are critical to not only make a business look clean, but safely removing a high percentage of germs and bacteria. We are not only going to dust the places that can be seen, but we are going to take time to remove it completely when possible.

read more › At Tyrol Cleaning, we take pride in our cleaning practices. When it comes to healthcare cleaning, we understand that our job is one of the most critical. Over two million people are affected by hospital and healthcare facility infections each year. This means that any company focused on health and medical attention needs to hire a commercial cleaning service that is trained and equipped in infection prevention techniques. The good news is Tyrol Cleaning is a Pittsburgh janitorial service that specializes in this type of cleaning and is always ready to take on a new client.

read more › When it comes to protecting children and students from sickness and infection, nothing is more important for education and daycare centers than hiring a professional commercial cleaning service. Tyrol Cleaning has been providing thorough and affordable janitorial services for years, thanks to our knowledgeable associates and state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning supplies. Daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, and universities should trust the best Pittsburgh commercial cleaning business in town to take care of all of their sterilization and sanitation needs.

read more › One of the easiest places for people to spread germs and bacteria is while actually trying to improve their lives at a fitness center, yoga studio or gym. All health, yoga and fitness centers attempt to battle this by constant reminders to their clients about good hygiene and wiping seats of equipment before and after use. However, cleaning is also required to help protect the chances of outbreaks such as the flu. Tyrol Cleaning is the Pittsburgh commercial cleaning specialist that provides a sterile and clean workout environment.

read more › In the business of restaurants and retail stores, cleanliness can mean success or failure. At Tyrol Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning services that fits any budget. From our general cleaning service that provides thorough cleaning strategies to our office cleaning specialization that helps protect important equipment and kill dangerous germs and bacteria, we have the perfect technique and equipment for any company's needs. When it comes to Pittsburgh janitorial services, no one compares to Tyrol Cleaning.

read more › Our cleaning service can be a device that enables you to keep your Church congregation happier with a clean environment, which helps you keep and convert more members. Everyone knows a first impression is everything, so make sure your religious facility is free of dirt and grime. The cleanliness of your nave (congregational area), ambulatory, altar, arcade, sanctuary, restrooms and pre-school rooms are an immediate reflection on your Church. Additionally, we are experienced cleaning before and after for special events of any type, including weddings, christenings, etc.

read more › Kitchen and lounge area cleaning including sinks, countertops, microwaves, toasters, and refrigerators. At Tyrol, we understand the concerns of our customers and we work diligently to provide corporate office cleaning services with quality assurance for your company, while maintaining the security of your office or facility.

read more › Are you in the process of relocating your business from one office to another? Perhaps you're opening a new restaurant or even a medical office. Your business is an important asset to yourself, your customers, and your employees. Relocating or opening your business comes with many different challenges! However, you can't deny the fresh energy that comes after you're in your newly organized workplace ready to get started. Here are some tips for keeping that fresh new business as clean as possible after a move or grand opening.

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