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Our commitment to you: Bullseye Carpet & Upholstery has been serving the Treasure Valley for over 25 years. Locally owned and operated, we are committed to professional excellence through our customer service and workmanship. Our specialty is treatment and removal of odors and pet urine. We view knowledge as the most important ingredient to finding effective solutions to some of the worst problems.

Our team members are certified Odor Control Technicians with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, meaning we have been properly trained to identify, diagnose and treat even the most severe of situations. This enables us to pass this unique knowledge on to our customers so they can understand what it takes to solve their carpet issues and have confidence in our team to provide those solutions.

From dirt to motor oil and grease, your garage floor collects it all. We use a high powered citrus degreaser along with other great cleaning ingredients to get your garage floor clean. I highly recommend Bullseye Carpet Cleaning!

read more › Bullseye Carpet Cleaning has been in the Treasure Valley for over 20 years. We are an owner-operated company solely devoted to providing a top tier service to all of our customers. With our knowledge of the industry and experience with even the toughest of situations, we have the confidence and ability to meet your needs. Our constant strive to educate ourselves in the latest technology, equipment and products available allows us to provide superior, high quality service, as well as assist you with proper carpet care and maintenance.

read more › We are proud to run the Butler truck mount extraction machine because of the superior results we get for our clients. The system is directly connected to our van's engine to generate over 200-degree water to while also creating a 300 HP vacuum to pull out stubborn dirt. Cleaning with 200 F Water Temperatures - The water temperature used during the carpet cleaning process is essential because the hotter the water, the better more dirt, and soil can be lifted out. By getting the water up between 190 to 200 F will allow the cleaning solution to break down (even to a molecular level) the dirt and grime in your carpet so it can be removed and carried away.

read more › Before any cleaning starts, we assess every workspace and protect any areas where water or cleaning solution could cause damage. Pretreatment - First, we pre-spray tile and grout cleaner depending on soiling content. Dwell time (the amount of time the solution is left on the floor) is dependent on specific cleaner we are using. Agitation - We have an assortment of orbital floor machines with a variety of brushes to scrub the tile and grout. Each brush and scrub mount has a specific purpose to clean depending on the type of tile and soil content.

read more › Is your sofa, loveseat, or favorite chair covered with pet hair or mysterious stains caused by unknown liquids, we've got you covered. Steam extract to small upholstery tool that hooks up to our hot water extraction equipment. Sometimes fabric needs to be wiped down with a rag to help in drying and remove cleaning lines.

read more › With low moisture encapsulation, our team can handle the busiest business's out there! Our process involves a soap-free product that traps and lifts dirt out and leaves the office floor looking fresh. Bullseye Carpet Cleaning does use our truck-mount extraction process as well as using an encapsulation cleaning that uses encapsulated cleaner, rotary floor machine and a pad or bonnet for agitation and deep soil removal.

read more › Our pet treatment can include, vomit, poop, and pee, but removing urine is by far the most difficult. There is not an "all-in-one fix" product to get this done in one shot. At times it may take multiple cleanings to remove the stain or stains. There are also times when the damages are so severe the carpet needs to just be replaced, along with the pad and having the subfloor cleaned and sealed to remove the smell entirely. Usually, the first 24 hours after an accident is the best time to treat a pet stain.

read more › Just finished organizing the garage? But something is still missing, now that everything is off the floor you see just how dirty and dingy it is! From your average dirt, to motor oil and grease your garage floor collects an absorbent amount of dirt. Bullseye doesn't forget the garage! We use a high powered citrus degreaser along with other great cleaning ingredients to give your garage floor the shine you have been waiting for.

read more › What's in your mattress? We wash our sheets regularly most of us weekly, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Sheets are porous so the particles and oil from our skin can filter down and settle on and into the mattress below. Effectively causing extra wear to your investment for a great night sleep. Ask us for a free demo to see just what is in your mattress.

read more › The weather plays a role in dry times. Days of higher humidity will cause longer dry times; whereas warmer dry weather will shorten the dry time. In most cases 6-12 hours. Ceiling fans, floor fans such as box fans can really speed the drying process. On a warm dry day, open windows will help as well as turning your central heat fan "ON" from the "AUTO" setting. This will circulate air throughout the house. We use what is professionally called Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction, also known as Steam Cleaning.

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