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Builders have used stone to construct the most impressive and long lasting structures for centuries. Increasingly popular and recognized as environmentally-friendly building materials, stone and concrete offer limitless design options that are both practical and visually appealing.

Casimir's Masonry LLC can construct your project idea from scratch, or provide reliable repair and maintenance for all stonework on your Philadelphia property including waterproofing, acid washing, repointing and any customized masonry repair work.Trust our experts to provide first-rate masonry and concrete construction services that will enhance and preserve the structural integrity of your property for many years to come.

Learn more by visiting the services pages on this site or call us at (215) 634-3253 with any questions you may have.

read more › The ancient craft of masonry has produced some of the most significant architectural achievements in history. Today, stonework masonry services continue to be a skill that requires commitment and dedication to excellence. Casimir's Masonry LLC has proudly provided masonry and concrete construction services to the Philadelphia region for many years and remains dedicated to offering a range of options for high quality stonework and concrete repair and construction. Our licensed masons and builders use the best resources and materials while applying years of hands-on expertise to every residential or commercial building project they undertake in Philadelphia.

read more › Choose from finishes that include brushed, exposed, aggregate, stamped or smooth textures, in addition to selecting from the many stain and color options that integrate advanced design and construction techniques. Casimir's Masonry LLC thoroughly preps each project site before the concrete pour and provides careful inspections according to the highest industry standards. Casimir's Masonry LLC provides professional guidance for choosing the type of retaining wall that is most suitable for commercial or residential properties in Philadelphia.

read more › Casimir's Masonry LLC provides experienced concrete construction services with a range of options that produce a seamless architectural look for any home or business in Philadelphia. All standard concrete applications are enhanced by a range of finishes customized by our construction experts. We guarantee the qualified work of our licensed and highly skilled concrete and masonry specialists who do much more than simply repair old concrete of your Philadelphia commercial or residential property.

read more › Casimir's Masonry LLC is a full service concrete restoration company in Philadelphia that provides limitless options for repair and maintenance. Our experienced and qualified staff combines traditional methods with advanced equipment and techniques that offer the most practical solutions for any size concrete repair project in Philadelphia. We assist commercial or residential clients with identifying problems through qualified assessments and offering a range of cost effective options. Once of the most widely used materials for large or small construction projects, concrete is durable and versatile but won't last forever.

read more › Casimir's Masonry LLC uses pre-fabricated and natural stone materials in our masonry construction services including brick, various types of stone, ceramic and concrete stone and blocks. Casimir's Masonry LLC experts carefully choose the material for your Philadelphia project according to the size and purpose of your requirements. Our mason and concrete specialists carefully plan each structural element and use local resources and raw materials based on your predetermined budget. Our skilled and experienced craftsmen carefully design and plan for the scope and dimension of masonry construction upgrades and remodels and provide Philadelphia residential and commercial property owners with a wide selection of textured finishes and specialty options.

read more › Breathe life back into an historic Philadelphia building with the services of a highly skilled masonry specialist. Casimir's Masonry LLC has the experience and expertise to clean, repair and preserve Philadelphia facades and rebuild masonry components through careful salvaging of all usable stonework and combine it with new material from the finest sources. Repointing a deteriorated masonry unit with the appropriate mortar selected by our specialists is the crucial step in our skilled restoration services from our craftsmen.

read more › A retaining wall is designed to stabilize soil and rock as well as to stop soil erosion your Philadelphia landscape. Frequently used to elevate certain areas of a commercial or residential property, retaining walls also create additional functional space. Casimir's Masonry LLC provides professional guidance for choosing the type of retaining wall that is most suitable for commercial or residential properties in Philadelphia. Our experienced concrete and masonry team designs and constructs visually appealing and functional walls that protect your property, improve functioning and enhance its appearance.

read more › Casimir's Masonry LLC specializes in professional masonry repair for the exterior facing of any residential or commercial property in Philadelphia. We offer free estimates and a professional inspection of all types of masonry work to ensure the structural integrity of your property that includes any exterior or interior concrete components of your home or business. Although the stonework on the facing of your property definitely provides many long term benefits, its porous composition is subject to water infiltration.

read more › Casimir's Masonry LLC adds an extra cleaning power boost that puts the sparkle and shine back into residential and commercial exteriors. Our carefully developed pressure washing techniques, high performance equipment and competent and efficient cleaning crew provide outstanding results. With the skills and equipment to pressure wash a wide range of Philadelphia locales, Casimir's Masonry LLC uses cleaning methods that produce outstanding results without harming the environment or disturbing surrounding property.

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