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Facility Care Facility Care is an Oklahoma Family Owned Business, providing commercial cleaning and janitorial services to other Oklahoma businesses since 1983. Call us today and tell us what you need. You'll actually speak to the owner and experience the straight facts without sales pressure. We're easy to talk to about your commercial cleaning needs.

read more › Since 1983, Facility Care, Inc. has been providing businesses in the Oklahoma City Metro Area with top-notch commercial cleaning services. They work with great precision, pride of service, and transparency. Facility Care Commercial Cleaning currently provides commercial cleaning services to all areas around the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Metro. His first customers were banks in Oklahoma. He is uniquely suited to provide commercial cleaning services for the special cleaning needs that banks require.

read more › At Facility Care Commercial Cleaning, our success is based on the quality and flexibility of our services, the fairness of our rates and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Facility Care has been providing comprehensive commercial cleaning services to Oklahoman's since 1981. They are locally owned and operated. You simply won't find more comprehensive service from a more qualified cleaning staff than you will at Facility Care Inc. They will bring their cleaning equipment and products into your building to clean every inch of it.

read more › We're so excited about the services and quality of work we do for our clients, that we want to make sure we can help YOUR business look sparkling clean and professional. After the first 90 days, if you are not satisfied with our commercial cleaning, send us a written cancellation letter and we will cancel it after 30 days notice. BUT - part of our guarantee, is that you call us and let us know if you are unhappy with something. In that way, we have the opportunity to do a good job for you.

read more › THOROUGHLY clean: eliminate odors, dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other potential health hazards. Cleaning the BEST ways: hospital-grade disinfectants, the correct chemicals for the job, proper cleaning cloths and mops, powerful and safe products. KNOWING what and when to clean areas and items: heavily touched items, potential risk items, common areas, and refreshment areas. Facility Care LISTENS to YOUR needs and sets up the commercial cleaning sanitizing and disinfecting program that is just right for you.

read more › Yes, that's right! You read it correctly! Facility Care Commercial Cleaning cleans all moving glass in your facility: both INSIDE and OUTSIDE! Our no-streak window cleaning service helps provide your business with it's image - and a clean, fresh, sparkling environment. Facility Care Commercial Cleaning provides your business with streak-free, spotless window cleaning. But, that's not all! We can work at night or in the day. Our crews are experienced, dependable and reliable. All employees go through comprehensive OSBI background checks before we allow them to join our team of janitorial professionals.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning has the expertise, equipment, and experience to help restore the cleanliness and beauty of your upholstered furniture. Customers and employees can leave debris, pathogens, germs, and oils on your upholstered furniture. It's Facility Care's ability to get your commercial upholstery clean that has our customers coming back year after year to renew their contracts with us. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff knows how to help minimize or remove stains from your upholstery.

read more › Nothing speaks "professionalism" more than a clean, sparkling facility environment. Facility Care Commercial Cleaning for Oklahoma recognizes how important clean tile, grout, vinyl flooring, and other flooring types are for the welcoming look and feel for your offices and rooms. Facility Care pays special attention to detailing your tile and grout. As tile is often the type of flooring in break room, restrooms, and entryways, Facility Care has the best equipment and cleaning supplies to help your area shine.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning of Oklahoma cleans and refreshes carpets for your business. With decades of experience and satisfied customers, Facility Care will extract dirt, debris, pathogens, dust, and contaminants from your carpet, leaving it smelling fresh and clean. Facility Care will help your carpet look new, fresh, and soil-free. We can even spend extra time and care on those high-traffic areas of your carpet that show the dirt so easily and quickly. But, that's not all! We can work at night or in the day.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning knows the very best way to provide cleaning services for businesses in Oklahoma. Because Facility Care Commercial Cleaning has been providing janitorial services for Oklahoma businesses since 1987, they know the very best way to provide cleaning services for businesses. Facility Care's Commercial Cleaning offers trusted, value-packed, and flexible service plans which are designed to meet your specific needs. Facility Care provides expert commercial cleaning services for even customized floor cleaning and interior window cleaning (with contract).

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning has decades of expertise in helping New Car Lot owners keep their property clean and inviting. We make sure your customer service areas are clean, bathrooms sparkling, and common areas expertly cleaned. Nothing can shake potential customer confidence in their purchasing decision like an obviously long-term grungy car lot facility. I mean, who'd want to buy a new car from a company who didn't care about cleanliness? Doesn't that dirtiness show that the car lot owners also don't care about the cleanliness and excellent condition of their cars?

read more › Our highly trained commercial cleaning staff knows how to give your bank unrivaled cleaning services to help you put your best foot forward for your banking customers. We know that your customers' experience in your bank helps you establish a long-lasting bank customer. To help you meet that end, Facility Care Commercial Cleaning delivers "white glove" cleaning services to our bank customers. We know how important a clean restroom is to your customers and employees. And, we know how critical it is that every countertop and surface sparkles.

read more › Treat your employees and your business to a spotless interior with comprehensive office cleaning and janitorial services from Facility Care. No matter the size or layout of your company, we can get your office looking its best without disrupting your schedule. At Facility Care Commercial Cleaning, we believe in going above and beyond for valued clients just like you. Our dedicated team of office cleaning professionals is ready to work hard to make your space spotless. We can create a package that works for you.

read more › Facility Care Inc of Oklahoma City, OK offers high-quality medical facility commercial cleaning services. We are experienced professionals who know how to clean even large medical clinics and laboratories. We have many doctor's offices that we are currently cleaning, along with labs and clinics. Because we have been providing janitorial services in Oklahoma since 1987, we know exactly how to clean medical facilities and laboratories. We have rigorous quality standards for our janitorial services in Oklahoma.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning has a lot of experience cleaning church facilities in Oklahoma. We know the special cleaning needs that a church building requires. And, we know how important it is that the people coming to your building feel safe and comfortable, secure in the knowledge that your building is clean. As a church administrator, you have plenty on your plate. Keeping your building neat, clean, and ready for services is the last thing you should have to worry about. At Facility Care, we make it easy to keep your church building clean and sanitary for your church members without burdening someone on your staff with time-consuming cleaning tasks.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaning helps you provide a healthy environment for your students and teachers. Providing a clean, healthy environment for your students and teachers is an important part of your role as an administrator. But you have enough on your plate without worrying whether your school's cleaning service is up to par. At Facility Care Commercial Cleaning, we partner with schools in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma metro areas to help keep students safe and healthy through high-quality, professional cleaning services.

read more › Facility Care Commercial Cleaninghelps provide your retail business with that critical, positive first impression. At Facility Care Commercial Cleaning, we help retail owners attract and keep customers by providing a clean, attractive shopping environment. As a retail owner, you have enough on your plate. Keeping your store clean shouldn't be hassle; and when you hire Facility Care, it won't be. Our team takes the success of your business seriously. That's why we work hard to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

read more › Facility Care knows that a clean, sparkling office helps increase worker productivity and sales. We know that clean, hygienic common areas can give a sense of importance and value to your sales force. Facility Care also knows that the telemarketing industry is so critical for our industries, that it's important to support your sales force for increased productivity. We'll do our part by making sure that the office areas are spick and span, the entries and exists clean, the bathrooms are polished and fresh, and your common areas are so clean they shine!

read more › Facility Care provides the right mix of commercial cleaning for industrial facilities and plants. Industrial facilities and plants have a wide variety of common and work areas within the plant. Each different area has it's own special cleaning needs. With each area comes it's own set of cleaning and sanitation needs. Even carpeted areas differ in different sections of your plant! From high-end tile, to plush carpet, to industrial carpet, to concrete flooring, Facility Care provides the proper type of cleaning for all types of your flooring areas.

read more › At Facility Care Janitorial Service we put quality and service into everything we do. It means so much to us when our clients and colleagues give us a rave review or testimonial. Below, find some of the positive feedback we've received over the decades. If you'd wish a client reference list, please do not hesitate to ask us. You may use the form at the bottom of the page to submit YOUR testimonial and review. We thank you for it! Best company I have ever used. We have a large building with multiple floors and Facility Care was able to cover all our floors with no problem at all.

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