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We do a pre walk-through inspection with the customer and note any areas that need extra attention. Before we clean we vacuum to remove as much dirt as possible from the areas we will be cleaning. We pre-spray special chemical conditioning on trouble areas to help lift and suspend hard stains and soils. After the pre spray soaks sits for a few minutes we agitate it to ensure proper cleaning penetration and lift.

We begin deep cleaning and extracting all the soils and solids that have stained your carpets. We beautifully groom your carpets after the deep clean so everything looks and smells brand new!. We offer the best carpet inspection and cleaning process to get your carpets as clean as possible. Clean Carpets Chandler is Chandler Arizona's (and the entire East Valley for the matter) preferred carpet cleaning company.

We specialize in getting the dirtiest of carpets clean! Stop searching the internet for carpet cleaning companies because when it comes to affordable, honest and absolute deep cleaned carpets we simply can not be beat!

read more › We believe you get a more exceptional and immaculate cleans by being a family owned business then by some big cleaning company like Stanley Steamers. We also use the most expensive and heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment available. We are constantly updating our carpet cleaning fleet with the latest and greatest carpet cleaning Rotovac's, vacuums and carpet cleaning accessories. Remember our industrial Rotovac steam cleaners remove any possible sign of dirt or grime plus we eliminate dust mites as well.

read more › Because they don't stand a chance against our carpet cleaning service. We are experts at turning the absolute grossest and most disgusting carpets back to their original state of glorious freshness. We don't mess around when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. So, before your think about replacing your carpets - those carpets your feel for sure are not cleanable - give us a call. We use only the best carpet cleaning equipment is how. Wands? No thanks. When it comes to getting down and dirty and lifting every spec of dirt out of your carpet and floors we turn to the Rotovac.

read more › We know how to clean tiles. Here at Clean Carpets Chandler, Tile and Grout cleaning is our specialty! We've all done it by hand before. Getting on your hand and knees, scrubbing the tile and grout taking hour upon hours of your time. STOP! No more! We save you time and money with our Rotovac and Grout machines to immaculately clean and sign of grime! Are you getting annoyed looking at your stained grout? Is the dark gout driving you crazy? Let us lift the dirt from it and restore it to how it looked when your tile was first laid down.

read more › If your in search of someone to clean your furniture in Chandler (also know as upholstery cleaning), you're in luck! We specialize in cleaning all kinds of furniture - particularly couches, recliners and chairs. We get them so clean that they will look practically brand new and not to mention we will get rid of any smells permeating from them! Are pets making them dirty? Do you need them deep cleaned to remove any hairs or debris of the fabric? Give us a call. We do hundreds of cleans where we sterilize and remove pet dander, hairs and smells from your furniture!

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