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Welcome to Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. - the home of Florida's finest janitorial services. As a local provider of professional janitorial services, Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. has attracted the attention and business of countless Florida clients. With the goal of being the top local choice, we offer quality janitorial work that is designed to understand what our customers need and the best way to deliver the desired results.

Analytical and service-oriented, our process has been perfected over the years and we're proud to be veritable janitorial specialists. Dependable Staff - Our janitorial team knows that your business depends on what we do. That's why we're always there, never late, and with a quality that is never called into question. Courteous and Professional - Your point of contact at Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. will always have the right attitude to inspire trust and deliver the service you want.

Technically Advanced - Both in regards our knowledge and our equipment, we stay ahead of the curve to be the most technically evolved janitorial company in Florida.

read more › Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. is the clear leader when it comes to full-service Florida janitorial firms. A B2B solution, we've provided innovative answers to difficult janitorial jobs, working with demanding schedules, rigorous specifications, and situations where our performance has a direct effect on property safety and health. We've come through every job with flying colors and continue to prove our outstanding janitorial ability. Make an excellent first impression with Tropical Cleaning Services, Inc., your source for detailed residential and commercial cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

read more › For your Florida house, apartment, or condo, sometimes you want more from a cleaning service than just a weekly visit from a maid. At Tropical Cleaning Service Inc., one of our specialties is professional janitorial service that take our honed cleaning skills and applies them to the residential market. Because we're accustomed to visiting Florida locations at various hours, Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. is happy to find the right time to visit your home. You don't need to be there, but can rest assured that safety and protection are never a question.

read more › As the pulsing heart of your Florida business, your office, retail store, or other commercial location works best when it's spotlessly clean. To reach that end, you need a professional janitorial service that understands the commercial environment and what's needed to effect a truly superior level of cleanliness. That company is Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. and we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services. For many of our Florida clients, cleaning during business hours simply isn't possible.

read more › Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. will determine the price by first visiting your home and making a detailed plan for all tasks to be completed before offering a quotation. Every home is different and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The better question is when would you like us to come. Tropical Cleaning Service Inc. is able to tailor our residential cleaning around your existing schedule, making it an easy and convenient solution. We scale with the needs of our clients, so if you need us for a hospital, school, or other institution, we'll be able to craft the perfect janitorial package to suit your specifications.

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