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We realize how important it is to keep your property's exterior looking clean fresh & inviting. For this very reason Optimal Power Washing, LLC is proud to provide a complete range of Exterior Cleaning & Restoration services to beautify and protect everything from roofs and siding to concrete and brick pavers, and even restaurants and historical buildings!

Whether you own a home, a business, manage a residential complex, or in charge of preserving a historical building's beauty, Optimal Power Washing, LLC has the proper knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art professional cleaning equipment to meet your specific cleaning needs AND to fit your budget! Since 2000 we have been providing homeowners & business in and around the Philadelphia area with an exterior cleaning & restoration choice they can count on.

Our top quality workmanship, unparalleled customer service and attention to detail have earned us a sterling reputation we are proud to stand by. We look forward to providing you and your property with these very same high levels of workmanship and prompt, professional service!

read more › Dirt, grime, mold & mildew accumulate all too easily on your home's exterior. Our SAFE & EFFECTIVE cleaning process is the ideal way to remove these unsightly contaminants without any risk of damage to your home. Say goodbye to those ugly dark roof streaks and stains! A particularly unsightly strain of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma is often found on your roof's northern slope where there is less exposure to sunlight. Our SAFE & EFFECTIVE roof cleaning process is specifically formulated remove this type of algae growth - leaving your roof fresh, clean and looking just like new again for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement!

read more › When you can RESTORE! The beauty of your outdoor wooden structures not only gives you a huge sense of pride in your home's appearance, it also plays a large role in establishing the overall value of your property. Optimal Power Washing provides wood care services tailored to restore the original natural beauty back to your wood structures. Don't make the costly mistake of wasting thousands of dollars on replacement. Affordably restore the look you bought it for in the first place!

read more › Keeping your business beautiful is what we do best! Don't leave first impressions to chance - keep a beautiful, well maintained commercial building all year long with our fast and affordable building exterior cleaning service. Customers and clients will notice the difference. Clean concrete not only looks great, it also prevents "slip & fall" lawsuits. Your property's concrete surfaces are subjected to the harsh elements year round. We have the proper knowledge and HOT WATER cleaning equipment to make these surfaces look bright and sparkling clean again!

read more › The condition of your restaurant's exterior speaks volumes as to what may lie on the interior. When it comes to restaurants this is especially important; a dirty exterior sends a negative message to potential customers, making them question the quality and safety of the food you serve. If a dirty exterior makes people think twice about eating in your restaurant, we don't have to tell you what happens next. Don't get burned by kitchen exhaust system grease fires! Every year thousands of restaurants are ravaged by grease-borne exhaust system fires.

read more › The historical buildings in and around the Philadelphia area are an important part of our local culture and tourism industry and should be treated as such. At Optimal Power Washing we understand that historical buildings and landmarks require a special level of care that differs from conventional exterior cleaning methods. Our goal is to always pay special attention towards preserving the building's historical accuracy and integrity while keeping the exterior surfaces clean & free of damaging pollutants and contaminants.

read more › We realize how important it is to keep your property's exterior looking clean fresh and inviting. This very reason is why here at Optimal Power Washing, LLC we offer Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services. The low pressure roof cleaning method we use to clean roofs are Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers[ARM] approved. What are those Unsightly Stains on your Roof? Roof stains are caused by the growth of algae, lichens colonies or moss that feed on the organic matter frequently found on roof surfaces. What are the causes?

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