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Majik Cleaning Services is based in New York City and was established in 1991. For the last 20+ years, we have specialized in all aspects of commercial cleaning. Our fully-bonded and insured staff is available to assist you with your residential or professional cleaning needs during the morning, afternoon and evening hours - whatever is most convenient for you and your company's schedule.

We also offer commercial janitorial supplies to help keep your business fully stocked and supplied. Our staff is fully supervised by our trained team and supervisors make a visit to each customer on a regular basis to confirm their cleaning needs are being satisfied 100%. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a high level of excellence that our customers have come to expect.

Please contact us today so we can provide you with a price competitive estimate for our commercial cleaning services in NYC.

read more › As a commercial cleaning company in NYC with nearly 30 years of experience, Majik Cleaning Services provides comprehensive office cleaning services for businesses of all sizes and types that you can rely on. You can feel confident your facility will be properly maintained. This level of cleanliness reflects the professional image you want to project to your clients and employees at all times. Majik Services offers more than other office cleaning companies and corporate cleaning services. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it.

read more › Majik Cleaning Services is the industry leader for post-construction cleaning services in New York, but what is post construction cleaning? When the dust and debris from your new construction or home remodeling project gets overwhelming, Majik Cleaning Service can return everything to pristine condition with thorough cleaning after renovation. Dirt and debris are inevitable during any renovation project. While renovation experts do a basic cleanup, they are not a professional cleaning company. Often residue of the work performed is left behind.

read more › Whether you are a property manager or moving into a new home, the cleaning experts at Majik Cleaning Services will make everything sparkle when you use their move out, and move-in cleaning services in NYC. When residents are in a rush to move everything out, they might not always be concerned with cleanliness. They'll likely fail to make any kind of move out cleaning checklist and give no extra effort if they don't have to. Dirt, dust and residue are left behind. Nobody wants to clean up another person's mess!

read more › Majik Cleaning Services uses the most advanced cleaning systems to revive your carpet's appearance. Our Hot Water Extraction Cleaning method is the most effective way to get your office carpets deep cleaned and has made Majik one of the top professional carpet cleaning companies in NYC. It is also the most recommended method by carpet manufacturers. Carpet cleaners since 1991, our experience makes us an expert carpet cleaning NYC company that you can trust. Want to give our advanced cleaning system a try on your carpets?

read more › Furniture is a major investment and proper cleaning can extend the life of your upholstery. Majik Cleaning Services perform deep cleaning and fabric restoration to give your furniture a refreshed look. Get rid of the dirt, grime and odors that make your furniture look old before its time. Majik Cleaning Services offers superior professional upholstery cleaning in NYC. As one of the premier Manhattan sofa cleaners, we make furniture look fresh and clean. We also provide additional cleaning services in New York including office cleaning, apartment cleaning, and more.

read more › Majik Cleaning Services offers the best window washing service available in New York. Whether you need NYC window cleaners for your corporate apartment or business office, our professional window cleaners will make sure your glass is crystal clear. Cleaning windows in a posh apartment or luxurious office is a job better left to the professionals. Over time, the windows get streaked and dirty. This makes your office or residence look unkempt. Dust, grime and traffic can give your windows a dusty appearance.

read more › Majik Cleaning Services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and all of New York offers apartment cleaning services that are completely tailored to suit your specific needs. Direct our professionals to take care of your home to your personal satisfaction. We offer professional, detailed New York apartment cleaning services for your home, apartment or studio. Kitchen: Your kitchen should be clean and inviting. Bathroom: Bathrooms should be sanitary and sparkling. Bedroom: Your bedroom should be a pristine haven where you can relax and sleep in total comfort.

read more › Let Majik Cleaning Services maintain your corporate apartment in NYC so you don't have to. You have a busy schedule and it is often impossible to squeeze deep cleaning into your hectic agenda. From daily dinners at home to a corporate soiree at your apartment, Majik Cleaning Services makes your apartment clean enough for any life event. Appreciate glistening counters, thorough carpet cleaning, and refreshed bathrooms and bedrooms whenever you come home. All of it is done without your lifting a finger.

read more › The floor cleaning experts at Majik Cleaning Services have the knowledge and qualifications to provide the highest quality buffing and waxing services for any type of floor. They are trained in the maintenance and restoration of all hardwood, tile, ceramic and vinyl floors. Insured and bonded, Majik Cleaning Services and their top notch staff has a reputation for offering the best in commercial floor waxing and buffing. In addition, supervisors provide follow-up inspection on all completed jobs then submit reports to management.

read more › Majik Cleaning Services stocks a wide range of high quality products you can consistently rely on. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it. Often people depend on trial on error when they invest in commercial cleaning supplies. Making mistakes can be uncomfortable and costly. Maintaining proper stock levels of essential items such as toilet paper can become a challenge. Running out of these necessary products can turn into a major hassle. It is important to have plenty of janitorial supplies on-hand.

read more › Recent magazine articles and television shows have raised awareness about the problem of hoarding. Often people lose access to the items they want because unwanted items are in the way and they need help. Majik Cleaning Services now does hoarding clean up and clutter removal, including clean up and removal of all items from the apartment and premises. There is no reason to get lost in the confusion of clutter. It can be difficult to handle a job of this magnitude on your own. The longer the situation gets neglected, the worse it tends to get, which is why your best bet is to rely on superior hoarding cleaning services.

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