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Compassionate Cleaners Our objective is to restore the environment in the most professional and discrete manner possible. Compassionate Cleaners is a guaranteed, licensed and insured cleaning company providing support through difficult life events. We are available 24/7 and have the expertise and equipment to handle any suicide, biohazard, crime or trauma scene cleanup situation anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

We work with the uppermost professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.

read more › Compassionate Cleaners is a guaranteed, licensed and insured cleaning company providing support through difficult life events. These incidents are not usually planned, that's why we offer a plan for the aftermath cleanup. Let us reduce your stress and perform the monumental task of cleaning up, affording you the peace of mind you deserve during this difficult, traumatic and emotional time. Our specialized team will discreetly clean up any accidents, trauma, suicide, crime scenes, etc. in your property and remove any dreadful memory out of sight.

read more › Trauma scene cleanup involves handling, removing and eliminating contaminated items that can have adverse health effects. Our professional technicians are specifically trained for thorough cleansing crime and trauma scenes; and accident and suicide remediation. We are professionals at decontaminating areas that are usually invisible to the untrained eye and tracking down all future health risks involved with the incident. Trauma scenes or any type of hazardous incident must be addressed by professionals as they involve handling biological and chemical contaminants that can possess serious health issues.

read more › Bio hazard cleanups can consist of unattended death, sewage and any accident where biological matter has contaminated an area that requires remediation. Any biological contaminant or chemical waste is hazardous to unprotected humans. Even smelling them is dangerous, as it can be an inhalation hazard. Failure to cleanup appropriately will ultimately put everyone around it at risk. Thankfully, there are professionals who are experts in cleaning bio hazard wastes. If a bio hazard clean up is needed, all it takes is to call Compassionate Cleaners for help.

read more › Unfortunately, homicides occurs every day in our society, and it is typically left to the victim's family, loved ones, or co-workers to manage the aftermath and clean up after the homicide investigators leave the scene. Our highly trained technicians at Compassionate Cleaners are skilled in removing blood and other bodily fluids that are commonly found at any type of homicide scenes, and have the technical expertise and emotional sensitivity to handle this massively stressful situation. Homicide clean up is different from other types of bio hazard cleaning situations due to the fact that a crime has been committed.

read more › Accidents or deaths of known persons, be at a home or the workplace, is a traumatic time. The need for sensitivity is paramount. We serve to remove the extra burden on family or friends of having to restore the contaminated area to its former state. Our objective at Compassionate Cleaners is to restore the environment in the most professional and discreet manner possible. This relieves family members or employees of the emotional and traumatic task of cleaning up. Our suicide clean up technicians are trained to deal with any inherent dangers that may be present at a suicide scene.

read more › One of the most challenging situations we face as cleanup specialists is the unattended death, when a person dies and is not found for days or even longer. For the family affected, dealing with a death cleanup can be a grim experience. Considering the difficult and disturbing nature of decomposition, as well as the potential health hazards associated, remediating the situation is a job for professional trauma scene cleaners like Compassionate Cleaners' specialists. If left untreated, even the smallest amount of biological material may lead to serious physical damage within the home.

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