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JPM Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning JPM offers a personal approach in determining your facility's specific needs in carpet cleaning, flooring, and upholstery maintenance and care as well as post-construction cleanup. We are the only woman owned "HUB" commercial carpet & hard surface maintenance family operated business with a iron clad money back guarantee. JPM has no temporary employees, so you will know your office will be safe with us.

We will work when it's convenient for you and we are committed to environmentally friendly cleaning. JPM offers a personal approach in determining post-construction cleanup and make ready needs.

read more › JPM Enterprises is a woman-owned and operated Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Floor Maintenance Company headquartered in Austin, TX. We were founded in 1995 and established as a HUB business in September of 1999. JPM is dedicated to creating a clean work environment for you and your employees - while also being committed to the preservation of our global environment. We maintain a staff that has a history of low turnover and consists of no temporary employees. We currently serve businesses nationwide.

read more › JPM offers a personal approach in determining your facility's specific needs in carpet cleaning, flooring, and upholstery maintenance and care as well as post-construction cleanup. Each building needs a personalized plan specific to that facility's needs. JPM has over a decade of experience in floor cleaning and an array of hard floor surfaces. Whether you have basic linoleum, specialty marble or stone we can maintain the beauty of your floors while protecting and sealing them from dust and other contaminants.

read more › These have been recognized as the most effective and safest way to maintain the original appearance of your commercial rugs and carpets. All chemicals and procedures utilized by our technicians follow manufacturer recommendations to ensure the highest quality of cleaning. From Spot treatments to deep steam cleaning for those heavily trafficked areas. JPM's services gives your company more than enough options. Use JPM for all of your commercial cleaning needs from rugs to floors we'll give you results to prevent build up in the future.

read more › Establishing a Carpet Maintenance Program Reduces Cost and Extends the Life of Your Carpet. JPM evaluates your specific carpet, flooring and upholstery needs when establishing a maintenance program for your business. Having a building maintenance program is essential for your business to not only comply with manufacturer recommendations and reduce the life-cycle costs of maintaining your carpet, but also for the long-term carpet appearance, retention and indoor air quality of your facility. A consistent carpet maintenance program will keep your carpet looking its best - not only the appearance of the carpet, but the perceived appearance level of the entire facility.

read more › Upholstery Cleaning, Furniture and wall coverings are often areas overlooked when setting up a maintenance program. Due to the complexity of properly caring for fabrics that need to be cleaned in a specific way to avoid damage, it is imperative that qualified service technicians provide the appropriate care of your upholstery needs. JPM cleans chairs, couches, cubicles, elevators and more to rid them of pollutants that collect in the fabrics and to maintain the original appearance by removing soil, stains, gum and other foreign particles.

read more › The construction process leaves a big mess, from sawdust to paint splatter and leftover construction materials. Somebody has to clean the clutter, but most contractors don't have the extra time and labor. We are skilled on getting off those paint spatters on the carpets and floors. We know how to clean the tiles, carpets, railings, ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets, sinks, and anything that could have debris left behind. We are aware of proper waste disposal of construction materials so there will be no problems with local authorities.

read more › JPM is dedicated to creating and maintaining a clean and healthy work environment in your office for you and your employees while also minimizing your impact on the environment. JPM is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and we provide services for several LEED certified buildings throughout Texas. We use products in our commercial carpet cleaning and floor polishing that meet the requirements for Green Seal and the EPA's DFE Program to help you implement an environmentally sound carpet cleaning program for your facility.

read more › When we create a schedule for our clients it's approved by the building manager to make sure JPM can get past any security concerns. Once that's done we'll send over a monthly schedule of when JPM will be cleaning carpets, floors and upholstery. We will never do any work that is not approved. We first do a walk through of the building, analyze your needs, send a plan for approval, then you can sit back and let us do the cleaning. Once we do a walk through and analyze your needs we'll send you a personalized plan in just a couple of days.

read more › Dr. Michael A. Berry in his book "Protecting The Built Environment - Cleaning for Health" made these observations about improperly maintained carpet, and how it effects the indoor environment. Making sure your commercial carpets are clean not only protects your employees but promotes better productivity by keeping them healthy. A carpet left unclean captures all kinds of particulate matter. Because some of this matter is food for living organisms, a carpet full of it can become a niche for bio-pollutants.

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