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Rugmasters We all want clean rugs free of dirt, odor, debris, and unsightly stains. But when children, pets, and accidents get in the way of keeping your rugs clean, Rug Masters has the solution for you! We provide professional oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning, and other services to residents throughout Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, CA. We clean area rugs and Navajo rugs of all styles and sizes, but we also specialize in cleaning high-end Oriental rugs.

If your rugs are stained with coffee, wine, food, or pet stains, give us a call. Our process is easy and convenient. All you need to do is call for an estimate, bring in your rug that needs work, and leave it in our capable hands. We use environmentally friendly products and practices when cleaning rugs. We use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean even the toughest stains and fully remove any unpleasant odors, including grape juice, coffee, pet stains, spaghetti sauce and everything in between!

I had 11 Rug Tibetan and antique Persian rugs that needed cleaning (1 had deep stains).

read more › Rely on the team at Rug Masters for thorough Oriental, Navajo and Persian rug cleaning for Berkeley, CA; Oakland, CA; and San Francisco, CA. During our many years of experience, we have successfully remedied all kinds of stains, including pet accidents, dye bleeds, and water and moisture damage. The methods of cleaning Oriental, Persian and Navajo rugs are generally similar but vary in detail. We use the proper method suitable for the rug at hand, tailoring our approach to the particular needs of each individual rug.

read more › There are few things that can match an Oriental rug for style and beauty. That is why we are proud to offer hand washing for Oriental rugs. Whether your rug is a priceless heirloom or a modern find, rest assured that we will take excellent care of it! Our handwashing process is meticulous and painstaking. We carefully dust, check the dye, wet, shampoo, rinse, extract, brush, and dry every rug that comes to us. Because we are Oriental rug experts, we have the tools and techniques to give virtually any rug a like-new appearance.

read more › Red wine, queso dip, finger-painting projects gone wrong - unfortunately, the list of things that can stain your rug is quite long. It only takes a moment of inattention to get a stain on your priceless rug. But once the stain happens, what do you do? First, take every step you can to mitigate the damage, removing as much of the staining material as possible without damaging the rug. Next, call Rug Masters. We are experts when it comes to stain removal in Oriental, Persian, and Navajo rugs. We know how much your rug means to you, and we'll do all we can to restore its former appearance!

read more › As much as you love your pets, you have to admit that they can sometimes be a bit messy - and when luck really goes against you, your pet might decide to have an accident or make a mess right on your priceless rug! The good news is that the talented technicians at Rug Masters are here to make those pet stains and odors things of the past. We are skilled at the art of rug cleaning. No matter how old, delicate, or valuable your rug is, you can trust us to remove even the most stubborn pet odors. Our team will carefully examine your rug when it comes in to determine the nature of the odor and come up with a plan to eliminate it.

read more › The colors of your beautiful rug may have faded over the years. Another common problem is color running. Color run correction is a difficult process, because if the service is done improperly, the "correction" may wash out of the rug the next time it is cleaned. This could leave your rug in a worse state than before. We match the colors to their original tone and hue so that our work will be perfect and flawless once we're finished. If the colors of your rug bled when washing, it means you need a professional.

read more › At Rug Masters, we know that accidents happen. When damage happens to your rug, we recommend repairing it sooner rather than later to avoid making the problem worse. Our specialized, expert rug weavers can repair Oriental, Navajo, and Persian rugs. We can also repair many handmade styles. Our rug masters know that your rug is a valuable work of art. Whether you have an antique, collectible, family heirloom or a new masterpiece, all hand-knotted rugs require special attention and care. Let our rug repair professionals help protect your investment.

read more › Rugs can become frayed for many reasons. If your rug pad was installed incorrectly or if you don't have a rug pad at all, this might contribute to premature fraying and other wear and tear. Sometimes when rug owners attempt to install a rug pad on their own, the work can be sloppy and result in a few imperfections around the edges of the rug. When you need professional rug re-fraying service, count on the skilled team at Rug Masters to help you. The trick to rug re-fringing is knowing how to craft the original rug.

read more › Do you need to replace your old rug pad? If years and years of love and use have worn down your rug pad, it's important to replace it as soon as possible. If a rug pad is no longer firm and stable, the rug itself can become more prone to damage, wear, and fading. Avoid unnecessary damage with our help. We can carefully replace the rug pad in your rug to make it more comfortable, full, and beautiful. It is our job to make sure we practice extreme care and precision when working, because these jobs can be tedious and detrimental if done incorrectly.

read more › If you're experiencing color running due to a rug washing that went awry, it is important to trust a professional rug repair team to help restore your beloved rug. At Rug Masters, we know how important your antique rug is to your family. When items have such sentimental value, why trust an inexperienced carpet cleaning company to handle your possession? Rug Masters can see which type of rug you have and work carefully to match the colors that have run to their original hue. This means, if your rug is fading due to sunlight, stains, pets, and more, count on our team to dye the rug with the appropriate colors.

read more › Over time, your beautiful and sentimental rug can become frayed, faded, and undone. This can result from several factors, but the repair specialists at Rug Masters can help to re-weave your rug, whatever style it may be. Re-weaving is an intricate and complex process. Without the skill and knowledge of a variety of types of rugs, it can be hard to successfully re-weave a rug. A less experienced rug weaver can ultimately make the weaving worse, if he or she doesn't know how to complete the weaving.

read more › With many new design trends surfacing, it is important to keep up with the times. Beautiful and intricate Oriental and Persian rugs are a great way to update your space. If you're thinking of renovating your living room or dining room, consider adding an authentic rug with a great design to add life to your room. Although these types of rugs are an investment, adding a statement piece to your home or office can be a cost-effective way to give your space a makeover. Whether you have an old rug in the attic or in storage, Rug Masters can help you to restore the rug back to its original glory.

read more › It can be disheartening to see that your rug has been damaged over the years. Whether you've put your rug in a storage facility or up in your attic for safe keeping, your rug is susceptible to moth damage. Despite your best efforts to preserve the integrity of your rug or family heirloom, moths can quickly get to your fabrics. If your rug has been damaged or eaten by moths, please enlist our rug restoration professionals today. The specialists at Rug Masters can help to clean and make sure your rug is moth free.

read more › Rug resizing is becoming more and more popular. If your rug does not fit into your living room the way it should, rug resizing can help change the size and dimensions of your rug, so that it fits in with your decor and complements your space. When a rug is too large for a room, you run the risk of tripping over the fabric or displaced furniture. Instead of planning the placement of your furniture and other decor around your oversized rug, let the team at Rug Masters help tailor the material to suit your unique needs.

read more › If you have a special Oriental, Navajo, Persian, or other type of rug in your possession, sometimes it's nice to know how much it is worth. Especially when these types of handmade and intricate rugs are so hard to come by these days, it can give you added peace of mind to know how much your rug is valued at and can be sold for. We at Rug Masters have years of experience in rug appraisals and repair, and we know how to evaluate all types of fabrics, rugs, and weave types. Unlike other appraisal shops, we don't give you a low number and try to purchase the rug from you.

read more › When making a rug out of remnant carpet, oftentimes you need to bind the edges on your own. Since many shoppers can get wholesale prices on what would have been a much more expensive carpet or rug, remnant rugs are typically cheaper than other rugs. If the remnant wasn't cut with straight edges or if you notice unclean lines, your rug may experience premature unraveling or fraying. Rug binding helps to seal up the edges on your rug and give it a more polished and finished look. Plus, unfinished rug edges can be sharp.

read more › Is your Oriental, Persian, or Navajo rug showing excessive wear at the ends? If so, you could need overcasting to return your rug to its former glory. Rug overcasting consists of sewing special threads into the ends of the rug to prevent unraveling. With proper overcasting, your rug will be able to withstand excessive wear, even at the ends. Oriental, Persian, and Navajo rugs are delicate, and time is not always kind to them. However, even if your rug is already beginning to unravel at the ends, overcasting could be just what you need to preserve its looks and enable generations to come to enjoy that rug.

read more › Berkeley is a city on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, and it is a city in Northern California. This city is also the home to the University of California, Berkeley. This vibrant, diverse, and beautiful city is home to many interesting places and attractions. Due to the rich culture, nightlife, and other outlets for entertainment, Berkeley is a great place to live or visit. Choose from such attractions like the open-air Hearst Greek Theatre, which stages many major concerts, or do some light shopping on Telegraph Avenue, which is south of the university.

read more › Oakland, CA is a city in Alameda County, and it serves as the county seat. With more than 419,000 in total population, Oakland is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth-largest city in California, and the 45th-largest city in the country. Oakland was rich in natural resources for its redwood timber and hillside oak, which were logged to build San Francisco, CA. Oakland has fertile flatland soils to help it become a prolific agricultural region. With several parks and outdoor areas to explore, Rug Masters couldn't be happier to serve customers in Oakland with superior rug care services.

read more › The city of Walnut Creek is located in Contra Costa County, CA. This city is just 16 miles from Oakland in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city has a Center for Community Arts, along with abundant job opportunities, parks and recreation, and art galleries. Enjoy a walk through one of the public parks or take in a variety of entertainment. At Rug Masters, we offer a full suite of professional and specialized rug cleaning, rug care, rug restoration, and rug repairs.

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