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Miami Hood Cleaning Pros You might need a hood cleaning in response to a fire marshall's request. Or you might have a request from your insurance company to prove that you're getting your restaurant hood cleaning regularly. Or you might simply find that it's time to replace a hood cleaning company that's not meeting your needs. In any case - we'd like to earn your business and make sure that your business is being taken care of.

We needed to find a new insurance company to cover our restaurant. The new company said we would have to get a professional hood cleaning company in before they would issue the policy. We got ahold of Miami Hood Cleaning and they scheduled us right up. They even took before and after pictures we could show the insurance company. I work in an assisted living center where we cook all of the meals for the residents.

We needed to have our hood cleaned so we looked on the internet and found Miami Hood Cleaning. They did a great job and I would recommend them to anybody who has a commercial kitchen.

read more › Miami Hood Cleaning Pros is a company dedicated to making decent profits by performing stellar and perfect cleanings of restaurant hoods in the Miami-Dade County area and surrounding communities for a fair and reasonable price. Was that the longest run-on sentence you've ever seen? We formed the company in 2016 and immediately became very busy because of our quality work and fair pricing. Now we have several hundred customers that count on us to do their scheduled hood cleanings throughout the year.

read more › Commercial kitchens are loud, chaotic and busy. The amount of attention to detail, precise timing, and patience it takes to be in charge of one, is often overlooked. It can be highly stressful, to say the least, and we understand that it isn't easy in any sense of the word. We also understand that it is easy to overlook things with all of the other responsibilities associated with running a commercial establishment. For example, whether or not you have done your required kitchen exhaust system cleaning, may be the furthest thing from your mind, especially when you are trying to make sure all of your customers are completely satisfied with their food and service.

read more › We are well aware that kitchens can get very hectic, and we know that keeping them clean is a job in itself! Cleaning your commercial kitchen daily is a great way to stay on top of the mess. However, it is not easy to do everything perfectly every time. We are proud to offer deep and thorough restaurant cleaning services to the Miami, Florida area. Check our About page to know more about our company. Miami Hood Cleaning Pros are highly experienced in a variety of restaurant cleaning services. Our team is made up of dedicated technicians who know how to clean a kitchen to not only satisfy but exceed expectations for restaurant code requirements.

read more › Do you ever wonder where all the grease from your fryer goes? Many business owners make the mistake of thinking it all gets taken out of the kitchen via the hood exhaust system, and disappears for good. Ideally this would be the case. However, if your exhaust system has not been cleaned in a while, or if there is any damage to kitchen equipment, the grease can end up right on top of your commercial kitchen roof! Serious damage to your roof structure can be caused by the accumulation of grease. Sometimes it gets so bad, the roof actually starts to cave in!

read more › From a safety standpoint, an exhaust hood cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to keep your kitchen fire safe and to keep your food safe. As filters start to overload with grease and oil from the vapors of your stove top and fryers, you can build up so much that the hood begins to leak and drip back towards your food preparation. Since the exhaust hood and filters is not only picking up the grease and oil but is also picking up particulate matter such as dust, dirt, and human skin cells - you're risking contaminating your food.

read more › To maintain proper efficiency of your kitchen exhaust hood system, you must schedule regular filter change outs. Grease baffle filters are specially designed to filter the grease contaminates out of vapors that are given off while cooking to prevent grease from entering the exhaust hood ducts. When you maintain and regularly change your exhaust hood filters, you are decreasing your risk of fire in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Hire Miami Hood Cleaning today for a variety of hood services in Miami, Florida.

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