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SeaBrite Cleaning proudly provides a wide range of cleaning services to keep your home and business looking its best all year round! From window cleaning to residential cleaning to commercial cleaning, SeaBrite Cleaning is the trusted and preferred local provider of cleaning services. Hate to clean windows? For most of us, windows are literally a "pane" to clean - unless you have the right equipment and skills.

Fortunately SeaBrite Cleaning has both! We not only clean the glass but we also dust off the screens and wipe down the sills, all while taking special care with plants and furniture you have around your windows, leaving things just the way you had it - only cleaner! SeaBrite Cleaning's trained professionals steam clean Huntington Beach furniture and restore it to like-new condition.

Our technicians are skilled at removing stains and ground-in dirt. We use the latest cleaning technology to dislodge and extract the particles that ordinary vacuum cleaners can not. By using just the right amount of water and solution, your upholstery will be cleaned without becoming over-saturated and will dry quickly.

read more › A well-maintained workplace makes a world of difference to prospective clients, employees, and visitors. Since 2007, SeaBrite Cleaning has provided superior janitorial and cleaning services to area businesses and offices. Our highly skilled technicians, outstanding customer service, and top-quality products have allowed us to build great relationships with fully satisfied clients. The most important impression is the first impression. Your customers and visitors will value a clean, organized, professional establishment.

read more › Have you noticed your windows getting dirty or grimy? SeaBrite Cleaning can help! SeaBrite Cleaning offers professional window cleaning services to community residents at affordable prices. All of our window cleanings are completely diligently and safely. While cleaning your windows, SeaBrite Cleaning will be sure to leave your home as they found it, paying close attention to plants and shrubs as they clean the windows around your home. SeaBrite Cleaning will not only clean the windows but will also clean your window screens and window sills, leaving your windows sparkling clean.

read more › Is it time (or past time) to have your upholstery cleaned? Two of the biggest culprits in the premature aging of furniture are pollen and dust. They blow into your air through ducts and windows and settle on your furniture's upholstery, where they can become embedded. You know how quickly dust can accumulate on the surface of a table. The same is true with your upholstery, only you can't just dust it away! When dust combines with pet dander, food particles, dirt, and pollen, the result is an abrasive grit that damages your upholstery.

read more › Is it time to steam clean your upholstery? You've come to the right place. SeaBrite Cleaning has provided quality upholstery steam cleaning services to local homes and businesses since 2007 and we'd love to add you to our list of happy clients. We utilize powerful steam cleaning equipment that is strong enough to remove the dirt and grime that gets embedded in upholstery, but gentle on your fibers. Give us a call today for a free quote and find out why we've become a local favorite for quality service at a great price!

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