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Clean On Me At Clean On Me we believe that customer satisfaction is as high as a priority as high quality cleaning cleaning. We are a small company locally owned and operated serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, and Portsmouth. This is the framework of Clean On Me. At Clean On Me we are always striving to uphold these core values not only inside our customers' homes, but in our professional/daily lives as well.

To be the highest customer rated carpet cleaning company in the DMV area, while developing lasting relationships in the community.

read more › Clean On Me first pre-treats your carpets by spraying your entire carpets with our pre-treat solution. Pre-treating your carpets before we begin deep carpet cleaning them will help remove the dirt and grime that has been settled in by foot traffic, and can also kill bacteria. Carpet agitation is the act of loosening soil and other particles that are clinging to it, prior to being cleaned. This makes it easier for the carpet to be rid of excess dirt and germs that might have otherwise been missed!

read more › Pets are considered man's best friend, but sometimes they can also be your worst nightmare. Clean On Me is here to help with your pet troubles! Once we treat and remove tough stains, and eliminate pet odors your furry friends can return to their favorite spot. Even the most well behaved pets can have an accident, or get sick on your carpets. Until the issue is addressed professionally, drastic damage to your carpets or flooring can occur. Clean On Me has the most thorough pet odor removal process available; a process that pulls out the scent, stain, and remains left by your pets.

read more › Clean On Me works really hard to solve discoloration issues that leave most carpet cleaners confused. Our Proven Process separates us from others along with our professional, knowledgeable, and well trained technicians. We ensure that before every carpet cleaning we talk with you about your specific problem areas and concerns, in order to meet your expectations, EVERY TIME. Of course not, not all stains can be removed. Especially if they have had ample time to set in. Unfortunately, many of the household spot removal agents can make things worse, by permanently setting stains.

read more › Even though we are specialist in carpet cleaning, that doesn't mean that we do no work with diverse fibers. Typically furniture uses a wider variety of fabrics and materials than carpets, so one cleaning process will not work on all fabric types. Special consideration must be given to different upholstery types. Your Clean On Me technician will evaluate and recommend the right cleaning process depending on your fabric type. You will get an experienced technician who knows exactly how to clean your specific fabric.

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