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Pacific Panel Cleaners provides the highest quality solar cleaning and maintenance and has been happily serving Hawaii since 2009. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to the performance and longevity of your photovoltaic system that powers your home or business. PV systems, as we all know, rely on the sun and panels that are shaded produce substantially less than their unshaded counterparts, which costs you money in the end.

If you notice your panels being shaded, it is definitely something you want to address quickly. A simple trimming can save money on your electric bill, so we always recommend having any trees near the panels trimmed back. Do not underestimate the amount of damage birds can do to your system, because it can be serious! We've seen bird caging installations save people's systems from damage time and time again, and we always recommend getting bird caging installed if you consistently see birds near or under the panels.

While solar technology has been rapidly advancing, prices have also been dropping.

read more › Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC is a local, Service Disabled Veteran owned and operated solar panel cleaning and maintenance company. We are based on the island of Oahu. We provide residential and commercial service to all of Oahu and commercial services to Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island (Kailua-Kona and Hilo). Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC was the first company in Hawaii dedicated solely to the maintenance and cleaning of solar panels and we have serviced solar panels all over the islands since 2009.

read more › There are some in Hawai'i who still question the value of having their solar panels cleaned. We often encounter this skepticism at Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC, (PPC) where we've been a leader in the industry since 2009 and operate on all the major islands. So, let me explain as PPC's founder, why it is wise for system owners to protect their investment with regular cleaning combined with thorough maintenance inspections. The first question that comes to mind is how much more energy (and therefore $-savings) will result from periodic cleaning and preventive care?

read more › Thermal imagery is a critical tool in helping to determine the health of an installed photovoltaic system. It is not good enough to have someone who just has a thermal camera but to have a person who has been certified to use a thermal camera. There are certified thermographers. At Pacific Panel Cleaners, LLC, there are two certified thermographers, Fred Brooks and Daniel Guerland. They have been doing documentation on thermal imagery in the photovoltaic field since 2013. In September of 2016, Fred Brooks went as the expert speaker at the Thermal Imagery Conference in Las Vegas, NV. more info below.

read more › Do not underestimate the amount of damage birds and critters can do to your PV system investment, because it can be serious! The Pacific Panel Cleaners team has seen bird-and-critter caging installations save people's systems from damage time-and-time again, and PPC always recommends getting bird caging protection installed if you consistently see birds and/or critters near or underneath your valuable PV solar panel system. We quote for damage repair and materials - The site visit inspection takes a quick 30 minutes maximum.

read more › But did you know that panels covered in a film of dust, dirt, pollen, or salt lose efficiency? Lost efficiency means lost money, and this loss can easily be avoided with routine maintenance. Photovoltaic panels work from the energy of the sunlight entering the panel and exciting the elements inside the panel. Electrons are knocked loose and forced in a direction by an electric field to a metal contact where they can be drawn out as electric current. If the energy of the sunlight is partially blocked, the solar panels will not function at their rated capacity.

read more › Your solar hot water system works on the energy from the sun coming through the pane of glass and hitting the copper piping inside of the panel. This heats up the water that is pumped through it and goes back to your solar hot water tank, where it is cooled down, that is right cooled down to a usable temperature. You want to ensure you are getting all the energy you can from the sun to keep you system running as efficiently as it can. When Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC is on the roof cleaning the solar hot water panels, we are also conducting a visual inspection of your system.

read more › I highly recommend Fred Brooks and Pacific Panel Cleaners for all your solar needs. My experience with his performance with respect to both installation of my PV system and his follow-up with maintaining its optional function has been exceptional. I have no hesitation about recommending him to friends neighbors and relatives with the highest confidence His attention to detail and reliability is outstanding. I installed my two 410 solar water panels about 8 years ago as part of my new house construction.

read more › Feel free to contact Pacific Panel Cleaners LLC anytime with questions or comments about solar panel cleaning or solar panel maintenance. We will gladly answer any questions you may have. Routine cleaning and inspection of your installed solar panel systems is the easiest and most efficient way to protect your solar investment.

read more › Solar panels work from the energy coming from the sun in the form of photons. If the panel has dirt, dust, or salt buildup the photons from the light will be reflected or absorbed, thereby wasting the energy that you could be harnessing which is going to cost you money. Solar panel cleaning is an absolute necessity to ensure that you get the most out of your solar panels. Pacific Panel Cleaners service covers cleaning and inspection of panels. We will inspect your racking, wiring, roof attachments, and all the associated piping with the system on the roof top that is visible.

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