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Multi-Clean Since 1946, Multi-Clean has produced high performance commercial cleaning chemicals and floor maintenance products for the commercial cleaning industry. We believe that the best way to maximize value to the users of Multi-Clean brand products is efficient delivery through a network of authorized, professional distributors. Multi-Clean is a company that is dedicated to becoming the "go-to" resource for the answers to the toughest cleaning challenges.

read more › Multi-Clean is a company that is dedicated to becoming the "go-to" resource for the answers to the toughest cleaning challenges. Multi-Clean products are designed for performance and never watered down. Products like our patented Multi-Task Dilution Control System save customers money by eliminating pre-diluted, ready-to-use products and the wasteful free-pouring of concentrates. Today's Facility Service Providers need expert training and support to produce the best results. Multi-Clean works with our distributor partners to help sales professionals take on a consulting role with their customers.

read more › Multi-Clean's product development team continues to focus on high performance cleaning products that truly work. These include hydrogen peroxide cleaners, bio-based cleaners, neutral floor cleaners, restroom cleaners, all purpose cleaners and wood floor cleaners. Many of the products are certified by organizations such as Green Seal and the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment. Multi-Clean has also been recognized by the U.S. EPA as an Environmental Champion for eliminating certain ingredients from all of our products.

read more › Multi-Clean offers concrete maintenance products to help maintain the shine and prolong the life of concrete flooring surfaces. Crete-Kleen is formulated to provide powerful cleaning and degreasing of polished concrete and other surfaces, with a unique additive to help densify and harden concrete surfaces. Crete-Kleen is made for polished concrete, but can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing. Crete-Kleen's concrete densifier helps to harden concrete surfaces, making them more durable and wear resistant with each cleaning.

read more › Removing grease and oil from surfaces is one of the toughest cleaning challenges. Multi-Clean manufactures heavy-duty degreasers for cleaning automotive shops, garages, factories and warehouses. Low-foam degreasers can be used with automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, sprayers and mop buckets. Multi-Clean makes products for the food and beverage industry including grill cleaners, floor cleaners, food contact surface cleaners, products for use in three-compartment sinks, high-foam meat room sanitation degreasers and stainless steel cleaners and polishes.

read more › At Multi-Clean, we believe that the efficient and cost-effective cleaning operations of the future will have trained workers using the right products at the correct dilution. The Multi-Task Dilution Control System is designed to eliminate costly ready-to-use cleaning products and the wasteful free pouring of chemical concentrates. Training and safety compliance is made easy with color and number coded containers along with matching spray bottle labels. The patented Multi-Task packaging offers users a number of choices for accurate chemical dispensing using exclusive dispensing equipment or through the innovative squeeze and pour container.

read more › Multi-Clean is excited to be selling the E-Spray Hand Held and Backpack, electrostatic sprayers as tools for application of Multi-Cleans' line of disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor counteractants. The electrostatic technology offers unsurpassed uniformity in coverage of complex surfaces with exceptional transfer efficiency (minimal over-spray). Electrostatic spray technology is providing innovative new methods to apply Multi-Clean brand disinfectants, sanitizers, and odor counteractants to a variety of surfaces.

read more › Unpleasant odors create negative impressions. A bad smell can make even a shining facility seem unclean and leave a poor impression of your business on clients and visitors. We've created a line of odor control products that can tackle even the toughest smells on nearly any surface. Instead of simply masking odors, like most air fresheners and sprays, our odor control products neutralize odors at the source so they are completely eliminated and they won't come back. Made for hospitals, food processing areas, veterinary clinics, restroom odors and anywhere bad smells have the potential to form, Multi-Clean's odor control products will leave your facility looking and smelling fresh and clean so you always make a positive impression on clients.

read more › Sealed cartridges allows for a convenient way to replenish an empty dispenser while keeping contaminates from infecting the soap. Multi-Clean makes two soaps including Fresh Scent and Forest Rain for use in the new soap dispensers. Foaming hand and body wash with fresh fragrance, in sealed 1,000 mL cartridges, are easy to install. Sealed refills eliminate potential contamination. Multi-Clean makes a full line of Multi-Fresh foaming hand soaps. Foam soaps offer cost savings over traditional liquid soaps and provide an even better hand washing experience.

read more › Top Court, the ultimate in durable performance, is based upon waterborne chemistry. The premium finish offers unbeatable resistance to scuffing, marking and scratching, ideal for high traffic floors. Use Multi-Clean HI-TRAC for regular maintenance of wood sports floors. HI-TRAC is concentrated and water dilutable. Sealed wood floors are deep cleaned and oily residues are removed without dulling the floors shine. Regular use of HI-TRAC maintains a high traction playing surface. Application by tack, damp mop or auto scrub.

read more › Multi-Clean offers a comprehensive line of floor maintenance and cleaning products for Building Service Contractors through our authorized distributor partners. Multi-Clean offers a great line up of floor care products. Finishes that deliver unmatched gloss and durability are available for every maintenance program. At Multi-Clean, we know time is money, that is why we have invested significant research time and money to develop superior floor strippers that get the job done the first time! Complete support products including cleaners, restorers, sealers, and specialty products such as anti-static finishes are available.

read more › Ensuring that our children have clean and healthy environments to learn and play is becoming an urgent priority. There are 53 million children and 6 million adults that spend significant time indoors in our nations 120,000 public and private school buildings. Multi-Clean has developed a complete line of cleaning products for schools and other educational institutions designed to enhance productivity and save money, all while minimizing impacts on human health and the environment. The Multi-Task Dilution Control System offers convenient and automated dilution of chemical concentrates.

read more › Multi-Clean has food service cleaning products that are easy to use and understand, specifically designed for food safety, guest satisfaction, employee safety, and operational efficiency. Grocery Stores are a special form of retail facility that warrants special procedures and products. Grocery store floors take a pounding from heavy foot traffic, shopping carts, dollies, fork trucks, and a variety of potential spills. Often, the time allowed to conduct floor maintenance operations is severely limited.

read more › Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities present unique challenges for housekeeping personnel. With limited resources and infection control a top priority, Multi-Clean has developed productivity enhancing products and chemical delivery systems exclusively for healthcare facilities. At Multi-Clean, we understand that green cleaning and Cleaning for Health take on special meaning in hospitals and other facilities designed for healing. We have a variety of high performance cleaning products for healthcare facilities that are Green Seal and U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified to meet all your cleaning and infection control needs.

read more › Automatic scrubbers are an essential part of an overall industrial cleaning program, but even the best scrubbers need a little tune-up now and then. Multi-Clean manufacturers cleaning and degreasing products designed for automatic scrubbers that clean better and keep scrubbers operating longer. Using our innovative degreasers can reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of your machines and keep them operating at peak performance. The same cleaners can also be used in pressure washers, spray bottles and mop buckets.

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