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Nicholson Cleaners Nicholson Cleaners is a Nashville institution. For over 70 years, we've been caring for the garments of Nashville's most discriminating citizens. As an American-owned Certified Professional Dry Cleaner and yes, we are environmentally friendly. All our services are done on location by our fully trained staff of professional cleaners. Services include cleaning, alterations and restoration of such difficult-to-clean items as wedding gowns, cutwork tablecloths, household linens and beaded stage costumes.

So it comes as no surprise that we iron shirts by hand, block sweaters, and will even wash and fold your day-to-day laundry. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dry cleaning and laundry services to our customers. We will never turn down a customer's request to fulfill a particular need within reason. We will provide our employees with knowledge and continuous and constant improvement; and we vow to operate in an environmentally safe manner.

We take full responsibility for your garments, and stand behind our work.

read more › Dry cleaning standards and quality workmanship are very much like clothing designers who make them, and the retailers that sell them: so often, you get what you pay for. If you consider the investment you make in your clothing, shouldn't the quality of your dry cleaning be of equal importance? At Nicholson Cleaners we try to take the time to make it perfect the first time. We box delicate cashmere sweaters in acid-free tissue paper at no extra charge. We'll fold or hang your golf shirts- however you prefer.

read more › They say, "time is money." So if dry cleaning and laundry takes up a lot of time in your busy schedule, you may want to let us save you some money!. We have two convenient locations, but our most convenient one is right here, at your computer. When you sign up for Nicholson Cleaners' home delivery service, there is no more waiting in line, or trying to find a parking space. We provide free personalized laundry bags with I.D. tags, and best of all, there is no extra charge for pick up and delivery!

read more › We invest so much money into what we wear. Because what we wear usually helps convey a part of who we are or want to be presented as. It's a way to express ourselves and some of us spend and invest a lot of money into our apparel. That's why we offer our Custom Deluxe service for your expensive, high-end, and/or extremely delicate items.

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