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GreenEarth Cleaners is dedicated to making a difference, for Castle Rock and the environment. It all starts with our unique GreenEarth dry cleaning process. It is safer for the environment because it uses no hazardous chemicals and is non-polluting and non-toxic. Our eco-friendly technology is one of the many ways we try to be a green dry cleaner!

Our odor-free GreenEarth dry cleaning process treats clothes like a mineral bath, so they don't just come back clean, they come back rejuvenated. Fabrics feel soft and supple again, silky and smooth to the touch. They look better too. GreenEarth won't damage fibers or leech dye like conventional cleaning so your clothes look newer longer. We understand you want to wear what you want, when you want it.

That's why we guarantee your dry cleaning will be ready on time and ready to wear, every time. We strive to give our customers the same personal attention we give your clothes, so count on a smile and a pleasant service experience each and every time!

read more › Every garment you bring in receives personal care and attention throughout our multi-step process. We inspect and detail garments to ensure proper preparation and classification for cleaning, professionally remove stains, dry clean, wet clean or hand clean as appropriate to its classification, press and hand finish it and make any necessary minor repairs. Then we inspect it again and package it carefully to avoid wrinkling in transport back to your home. Whether you need simple repairs or alterations, our expert tailoring services will help you get the perfect fit.

read more › Most of us wash our sheets and blankets fairly regularly, but the other stuff-comforters, quilts, and pillows-often don't fit in our washers, or are made of materials we don't know what to do with. Professional dry cleaners know the best ways to treat these items to make sure they are fresh, clean, and stay in good condition. But if you know exactly what your items are made from, here are some guidelines for at-home care. Comforters and quilts can be gently vacuumed to remove dust and allergens.

read more › Most dry cleaners today clean using petrochemical solvents. About 70% use perchloroethylene (perc), classified by the EPA as an air and water toxin and a likely human carcinogen. Dry cleaners follow strict regulations to reduce emissions and control its health and environmental risks, but there is no getting around the truth - perc poses a real danger to people and the planet. It can also be hard on clothes, leeching dyes and wearing away surface fibers during the cleaning process. About 25% of dry cleaners use hydrocarbon solvent, also a petrochemical.

read more › I've been going to this same dry cleaners since 2005 and never have I ever had a bad experience. I have been able to recommend this place to my friends who have also found this to be a great place to go to. Their prices are very reasonable compared to those of other typical dry cleaners and the service is always high quality. There was this one time where I was in a hurry to get my clothes dry cleaned because the day after I would be attending an important event. So, they said that they would be able to have my clothes ready by the next day and surely enough, the next day my clothes were ready for me to wear.

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